Inviting Collaborators to Your Workspace

Support Note
This topic or sections of it may not be relevant to all Bluescape users and may not apply to all Teams. If you’re unsure whether your Team has this feature/capability/integration, please reach out to your IT department.

To maximize collaboration, invite your newly created workspace with other team members, regardless of whether they have a Bluescape account.

Accessing invitation options

You can invite a workspace from one of two places:

  1. From a workspace, selectInvite(Invite) in the top-right of the workspace.
  2. From Bluescape Home, select :more_options: (More) on the workspace tile, then select Invite from the open context menu.

Workspace invitation options

After performing either option, the Invite workspace window opens, offering multiple ways to collaborate.

Copy link

How to invite a workspace link

To invite the workspace link with fellow team members, select Copy link. The link is copied to your clipboard, which you can paste as needed.

Note: This workspace link only loads a workspace for those with permission to access it. If someone without permission uses the link, they will see a request access prompt instead.

Invite people

How to invite collaborators to a workspace

When using the Invite people option, you can invite multiple members simultaneously or one person at a time.

  1. Type the email address or name of the member in the invite field. If the person is already a team member or visitor, their username will auto-populate in the drop-down list. If not, type their full email address and press Enter on your keyboard. You can add multiple users by adding commas to separate email addresses.
    Invite people
    Tip: You can copy and paste multiple email addresses from an Outlook email’s “To:” line to bulk add collaborators to the workspace.
  2. Choose the permission level of the collaborator(s) being added to the workspace. Read Workspace Roles for a breakdown of each permission level.
  3. Select Send invite to complete the invitation process. The collaborators will immediately have access, and their names will appear beneath the invite field under People with access.

Are you a Bluescape Go member?

Learn about collaborator limits

As a Bluescape Go member, you can invite others to Your Space. Under the Bluescape Go package, you have a limit of 25 email invites for unregistered users. However, unlimited collaboration is still possible if invitees already have a Bluescape account (read the Workaround below for details).

When you attempt to invite more than 25 unregistered users to Your Space, Bluescape Go displays an error message. This limit helps ensure that our platform remains secure, as hosting too many unregistered users can cause delays in processing invitations.

For more information on the different packages, see the Bluescape Pricing page.


It is still possible for you to invite unlimited members for collaboration if the invitees already have a Bluescape account. These invitees are not counted towards the limit of 25 unregistered users. So, if you want to collaborate with more than 25 people in Your Space, ask your colleagues to create a Bluescape account before sending them an invitation.

People with access

How to manage member workspace permissions

Once individuals are added to a workspace, their username or email address will appear under People with access. To update the permission level or remove access entirely:

  1. Select the permissions drop-down next to the individual.
  2. Select the new permission level or Remove to revoke access.

Note: Any member with Editor access to a workspace can update the permissions of other workspace collaborators.

Teams with access

How to manage team workspace permissions

To invite the workspace with everyone in your Team, select the permission level in the drop-down next to the Team name under Teams with access. Select any option other than No access to make your workspace public among that audience.

To remove Team access, select the permissions drop-down next to the team name, then select No access to remove team access.

See Workspace Roles for a breakdown of each permission level.

View only link

How to grant viewing permission to non-logged-in users

This option allows you to create an invitation link for workspace access without a login. This link provides view-only access to the workspace. Once you publish a workspace, those using the link cannot navigate outside the workspace you invited with them or add content.

  1. Select View only link at the bottom of the invitation window.
  2. Select Create new link.
    Create view only link
  3. Configure the link to your preference (set an expiration date and/or create a password).

  4. Select Create link.
  5. Select Copy link to invite the link with others.

To learn more about managing and removing these created links, see Anonymous Workspace Access.

And more

You can also select :invite: (Invite to) to leverage our Social Sharing capabilities.

Workspace invitation indicators

When you create a workspace, only you can access it until you invite it with others using one of the 5 methods described below, at which point the indicator updates to reflect the workspace permissions.

Workspaces only accessible to you are Private workspace:
Private Workspace - add a person

Workspaces invited only with specific People appear like this:
Workspace Invited with Specific People - multiple people

Workspaces invited as broadly as with a Team appear like this:
Team Access - business building

Workspaces invited using a View only link are identified by a globe:
View only link - invited globally

Depending on the workspace, the icon beside Invite in the top-right will indicate the broadest current invite settings. For example, if you invite a few specific people and a Team, the identifier will reflect that Team access is granted.

You’re ready to open a workspace and invite collaborators! :bluescape_home: