April 2022 Release Notes Summary

Support Note
Some features included in this release may not apply to your team/organization. If you’re unsure whether your team/organization has a certain feature, please reach out to your IT department.
Spring cleaning carries extra importance recently. 🧹 It's not only for your closet but also your home office… or have they blended into one?

We think spring cleaning should also extend to the tools you use in your digital office, daily. Bluescape’s April release includes updates to our product for a clean and simple user experience.


Sharing a Password-Protected Workspace Link :lock:

Workspace owners and editors can now create a password-protected workspace link to share with any member, even without a Bluescape login. Simply set your password, create and copy the workspace link and share both the password and link with members you wish to collaborate with in a workspace.

This additional security feature comes right after we introduced the ability to set a workspace expiration date. Both features are optional and can be used together or independently.

Note: Only one link can be created per workspace and exist simultaneously. If you need to change the expiration date or password, you must delete the existing link and create a new one. Anyone with this link can view workspace content and does not require a Bluescape account.

Learn More: Sharing a Workspace (Web)

UX Improvements (Web)

1. Right-Click Menu Enhancement

We’ve cleaned up and simplified the right-click menu in the workspace. You can quickly add a notecard or text right from the right-click menu, view settings, change a workspace background, or exit the workspace.
Right Click Menu Enhancement

2. Adjust Color Opacity for Shapes and Canvases (Background and Border)

You can now adjust the background and border color opacity on both shapes and canvases. Using the opacity slider, select a percent from 5%-100%.

From left to right, the background color of the below canvas is set at 20%, 50%, and 100% opacity.

Learn more: Add Shapes, Lines, and Arrows to a Workspace

3. New Rounded Corner Default for Connecting Lines

Based on our customer’s preferences and feedback, we’ve changed the default look of line connectors from sharp corners to rounded corners.
New Rounded Corners for Line Connectors

Learn more: Adding Shapes, Lines, and Arrows to a Workspace

4. Workspace Zoom Enhancements

We’ve introduced a new look and feel to the zoom menu in the workspace. Choose from 7 zoom options or manually adjust the zoom percentage you’d like your workspace content to be viewed. Minimum workspace zoom is 5%, and maximum workspace zoom is 400%.

BluePro Tip: Try out the helpful keyboard shortcuts associated with each zoom option.
Workspace Zoom Enhancements

Learn more: Workspace Overview - Pan and Zoom

Team and Subscription Management

All team members can now view the team management page to see all members and their associated roles within the team.

Note: Only team owners and admins can edit the team management page as well as view and edit the subscription page. Visitors cannot view or edit either the team management or the subscription page.

Learn More: Managing a Bluescape Subscription

Notable Bug Fixes & Improvements

User Role Terminology Changes

Since the launch of Bluescape’s New Self-Serve Model (Web), we’ve made some updates to some terminology you see in the product. These changes are reflected across the entire product, our community, and our website.

The following terms have been updated:

  • User is now Member
  • Guest is now Visitor

Learn more: Bluescape Subscription Member Roles

Disabling Workspace Access Request Button After Requesting Access

After access to a workspace has been requested, the button to request access will be disabled to avoid duplicate requests. After 3 minutes on the request access page, the user will be redirected to Bluescape Home with a redirect message.

Note: The user can request access again by refreshing the page. However, if it has not been 10 minutes since the original request, no email or notification will be sent to the owner of the workspace. The user will be notified that they have already sent a request, and the button will be disabled.

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