September 2022 Release Notes Summary

Support Note
Some features included in this release may not apply to your team/organization. If you’re unsure whether your team/organization has a certain feature, reach out to your IT department.
These changes are scheduled to go live on Friday, September 16, 2022 after 9 pm PST for impacted organizations.

With the arrival of September, the days start to get a little shorter, coffee shops start to bring back our favorite fall-themed drinks, the kids make their way back to school, and there’s a whole list of exciting features and improvements for Bluescape users!


Bluescape Home

September brings a refresh to the Bluescape Home page, adding ease of use to how you create, share, and manage your Bluescape experience.

Personal Space

Bluescape customers users now have access to Personal Space for easy access to all of their work.

All users (with the exception of Virtual Private Instance, on-premise and GovCloud customers) now have a Personal Space when they sign-up for a Bluescape account. If you already have a Bluescape subscription, you don’t need to do anything; your personal space is created automatically.

Features include:

  • Free forever
  • Create up to three workspaces
  • 60MB of included storage
  • Share your personal space with anyone you choose (note: users can only share the entire Personal Space and not an individual workspace at this time)
  • When someone shares a personal workspace with you, it becomes a "Shared Personal Space”, and you can click to reveal the workspaces within
  • The Collaborators panel is now on Bluescape Home - see team members who have access to your personal space or team members



  • Global Workspace Search (all workspaces in all teams to which you have access)
  • Search auto-populates with most recently visited workspaces
  • Frequently visited workspaces move to the top of the search
  • If more than five workspaces match your query, you can view all matches on the search results page


  • Teams subscription to Bluescape
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Administrators/Owners can manage members, purchase more licenses, promote/demote roles, see billing information, modify settings (change team name/update avatar)

Note for Enterprise Users

Some Enterprise customers may not have access to the Personal Space, depending on your Bluescape deployment at this time. Inquire with your administrator if you have questions.

Learn More: Overview of Bluescape Home

Workspace Hyperlinking

The September release delivers Workspace hyperlinking to Bluescape users.

  • Add a hyperlink to an object or an external website for ease of navigation
  • Easily move forward and backward between linked objects in your workspace
  • Send an object link to another user to access your workspace
    2022-09-12_09-35-53 (2)

Learn more: Two Ways to Use Workspace Hyperlinking

Notable Bug Fixes & Improvements

Popsync Updates

Popsync continues to grow! This month, we’re adding the following improvements to Popsync:

  • Registration in the context of the workspace
  • Users can now download images from gettyimages
  • Improved resource selection

Learn more: Using the Popsync Feature in a Bluescape Workspace

Bluescape Meet

This month, we’re excited to release an update to Bluescape Meet with the following updates:

Learn more: Host Controls for Bluescape Meetings

Accessibility Improvements

For the September release, we’re pleased to deliver improvements to accessibility in Bluescape including:

  • Improved keyboard accessibility
  • Enhanced screen reader support to access content in the workspace

Wall One-Finger Pan

You asked, we listened! We’re pleased to return one-finger pan functionality to our Wall client. Wall users can now pan using one finger without unintentionally selecting objects.

Learn more: The Bluescape Wall

Selection/Navigation Stickiness

Bluescape remembers your settings when you change to Pan instead of Select.

Resolved Comments

Users with Edit comment permissions are now able to mark comments as Resolved.

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