August 2023 Release Notes Summary

Support Note
Some features included in this release may not apply to your Team. If you’re unsure whether your Team has a certain feature, please reach out to your IT department.
These changes are scheduled to go live on Thursday, August 10, 2023 after 9 pm PST for impacted Teams.

Summer’s in full swing, and we’re here to make your collaboration experience even hotter! Get ready for exciting updates and features that will have you riding high on the productivity wave. :surfing_woman::ocean:


Activity feed

Activity feed demo

The Activity feed displays a list of activities categorized by date. Quickly review what content has been added, modified, or deleted since your last visit. Filters let you drill down specific data by date range, persons, and content type. Select the content you’re curious about, and the workspace will bring it into focus.

Learn More: Workspace Activity Feed

Multiple Video Player Support

Multiple active video streams

Play videos in a single workspace simultaneously for improved side-by-side comparisons, situation assessment, or multi-tasking with large groups.

Learn More: Adding Live Video Content to a Workspace

Ask to edit

Ask to edit
Users with viewing or commenting permission in a workspace can request edit access, making it simpler for the workspace owners and collaborators to manage workspace permissions.

Learn More: Asking to Edit Workspace Content

Bluescape App for Large Touch Displays

This month, we introduce the new Bluescape for large touch displays, a single client supporting desktop and large screen touch displays. This enhancement refreshes the user experience by providing seamless access and interaction with Bluescape on large touch display screens.

Learn More: Installing Bluescape on a Large Touch Display

Template Additions

31 new templates have been added to Bluescape. Found under the SAFe category, all 31 templates focus on the scaled agile framework.

Learn More: Bluescape Template Library

Notable Bug Fixes & Improvements

Workspace zoom and default font

We’ve enhanced the default zoom level in your workspace, setting it to 100% instead of the previous 25%. This change provides users with a more comfortable viewing experience. Additionally, we’ve updated the default font size for Shapes and Notecards to 12pt, allowing for smooth copying and pasting of content into other applications such as Microsoft Word.

Canvas placement in the workspace

We’ve made it easier for you to accurately place a canvas in the workspace, even if it’s larger than your current screen view. Previously, this could be challenging as you could not get a full view of your placement within the workspace. Now, when you place a canvas larger than your screen, you automatically zoom out, giving you a larger preview of the workspace.

Pin strokes and lines :pin:

To ensure your drawings and diagrams stay in place, you can pin pen strokes and lines in the workspace.

Learn more: Moving and Pinning Pen Strokes and Adding Lines, Line Connectors, and Modifying Line Routing

Text highlighter improvements

Highlighting text is now simpler. Instead of needing to select the color each time you want to highlight text, selecting :highlight_color: (Highlight) will immediately highlight the selected text.

Learn more: Adding Text to a Workspace

Copy & paste images from Bluescape to other apps

With a simple CTRL + V and CTRL + C (Cmd for Mac), you can now copy images from a workspace and paste them into other applications like Microsoft Word and Powerpoint.

Learn more: Copy Images from a Workspace and Paste to Other Applications

Canvas title box

Last month canvases were updated to no longer require a title. With this release, canvases now have a title box that appears when hovering your cursor over the area, regardless of whether the canvas has a title. This makes it easier for you to add and edit canvas titles.

Data deletion 90 days after a subscription cancellation

We never like seeing you leave, but if you must go, please know your workspace and team data will be permanently deleted from our databases 90 days after your subscription cancellation or expiration.

:bug: Bug fix: Exported documents export as PDF, not PNG

Previously, you were only able to export documents as PNG files. This has been resolved, and you can now export as PDF files.

:bug: Bug fix: Selecting undo after upload caused an inconsistent experience

When multiple users were in a workspace, undoing a group of uploaded elements was causing an inconsistent experience for all workspace collaborators. Sometimes, collaborators could still see a single file intended to be removed. This issue has been resolved.

:bug: Bug fix: Collaborators not appearing when ‘@mentioning’ in comment

The issue of being unable to see the full workspace collaborator list when @mentioning in comments has been resolved. You are able to see the full list of collaborators when using this function.


Open Bluescape to experience these improvements! :bluescape_home:

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