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Did you know that Bluescape has many templates that can help maximize your and your team’s workflow in a workspace? This topic provides an overview of all the templates Bluescape offers within a workspace.

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3x3 Prioritization Method

Business Model

Channel Map

Communications Plan

Event Planning

Hiring Process

Impact/Effort Matrix

Jobs to be Done

Milestone Chart

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

Outage Report

Parking Lot Matrix

Presentation (Horizontal)

Presentation (Vertical)

Product Launch

Project Management

Project Planning

Quarterly Calendar

RACI Matrix


Role Expectations Matrix

Stakeholder Mapping

Training Modules

UX Project Plan

UX Research Plan

Weekly Agenda

Weekly Calendar

Work Plan

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4P Marketing Mix

Affinity Diagram

Brand Identity Matrix

Brand Identity Prism

Buyer Persona

Competitive Analysis

Creative Brief

Customer Problem Statement

Decision Tree

Feature Prioritization

Go-to-Market Strategy

Idea Prioritization

Lightning Demo

Opportunity Canvas


Problem Prioritization

Product Canvas

Product Positioning

Project Charter

Project Proposal

Project Scope

RICE Prioritization

Social Business Model Canvas


Value Proposition

Vision, Mission, Values, Strategy, Action Pyramid

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Team Building

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5 Why (Root Cause Analysis)

Abstraction Laddering

Agile Board

Backlog Refinement

Daily Scrum Meeting

Daily Standup Meeting

Kaizen Report

Kamishibai Board


Kanban and Retrospective

Kanban Swimlanes

Lean UX Canvas

Mad/Sad/Glad Retrospective

Obstacle Board

Product Roadmap

Program Implement (PI) Planning

Project Retrospective

Project Status Report


Retrospective 4L’s

ROAM Board

Scrum Board

Simple Project Plan

SIPOC Diagram

Sprint Review

Team Standup

Traffic Light Retrospective

User Story Map

Wall of Work

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Consumer Trends Canvas

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Empathy Map

Event Response (Vertical)

Event Response (Horizontal)

Example Mapping

Feedback Grid

Fishbone Diagram

Force Field Analysis

Gap Analysis

Persona Grid

PEST Analysis

PESTLE Analysis

Product Comparison

Process Mapping

Product Requirements Document (PRD)

Product Vision Board


Research Design

Scenario Map

SOAR Analysis

SWOT Analysis

User Interviews Research

User Journey

User Journey Map

User Personas

Value Chain Analysis

Voice of the Customer

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Design Review

We are continuously growing our template library, so stay tuned!

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Conducting a Brainstorm
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Evaluate a Product Offering with the Value Proposition Template
Best Templates to Hold Productive Meetings
SWOT Analysis for Planning and Evaluation
Using the Fishbone (Ishikawa) Diagram
Working Backwards for Product Development