Using Event Response for Coordination and Tracking

The Event Response template is used to coordinate and track a significant event. An example of an event would be a data breach when customer data is compromised and exposed to someone outside the organization.

The template’s three main areas are the Start, Middle, and Resolution.

  • In the Start canvas, gather what is known about the event; assign action items to people for follow-up, and use the canvas to organize communications among the team members.

  • In the Middle canvas, spell out the facts of the event, determine one or more root causes, describe actions taken and identify any business impact.

  • In the Resolution canvas, add notes and documentation for remediation, damage, and recovery costs. Identify what steps can be taken to prevent the event from happening again.

Consider setting up Event Response templates for future events. For example, if you live in an earthquake-prone area, set up an Event Response canvas with action items you know you need to perform after an earthquake (e.g., inspect facilities, account for all employees, take an inventory of the damage, or move operations to an alternate office). Your disaster planning materials will be available in a central location in a workspace and stored in the cloud.

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