Using Outage Reports for Crisis Management & Intervention

Outage Report

The Outage template allows a team to capture essential information about a disruption such as a software outage, electrical outage, disruption to an eCommerce site, or any other incident that affects your customers and prospects. It is designed to be a central meeting place for information about the problem so that everyone in the organization is aware of its status, impact, and resolution.

To use this template, fill in as much information as you can about the issue, and continue to update the items within the canvas as the issue progresses.

Include links to external web pages if appropriate, talk tracks for communication to customers, owners for each step of the response, and detail on the location and type of people affected by the issue. Direct all involved internal employees to monitor this canvas for updates and encourage employees to add details here rather than in other channels such as Slack or email so no information is lost.

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