Host a Successful Occasion with this Event Planner 📝

You’ve brainstormed your event and its logistics; now it’s time to coordinate the details and cross-functional teams involved. Forming a strategy using the Event Planning template sets you up for success and seamless delivery of your big occasion.

Event Planning

  1. Plan: Establish the who, what, where, why, when, and budget for your event in the first canvas. Capture team members and their responsibilities, possible speakers and topics, and overall inspiration for the event.

  2. Strategize: Capture event deadlines or milestones in the second canvas. An example of a due date would be a deposit for the venue rental or the latest date to send email reminders for event registration.

  3. Coordinate: The third canvas holds the main items for the event. Capture all the marketing activities that need to take place for the event to be successful, from Logistics to Design, Promotions, Communications, and Program and Speaker.

BluePro Tip: At the right of the canvas, upload any content developed for the event, such as branded emails, speaker spotlights, floor plans, and promotional videos.

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