Bluescape Mobile Overview

Bluescape Mobile lets you access your workspaces on your phone or tablet, allowing for greater convenience and easier collaboration on your projects.


Features and Functionality

With Bluescape Mobile, you can access most of the functionality of the Web app, and the look and user experience are almost identical. There are also additional features available on the mobile app, including:

  • The ability to sign in by scanning a QR code
  • The ability to use the iPad and Apple Pencil to write notes, draw, ideate, and mark up content in the workspace
  • Dictation support for notecards and text
  • The ability to take photos from your device and add them directly to the workspace
  • The ability to view the app in portrait or landscape mode (for example, you can hold your mobile device vertically or horizontally, and it will adjust the view accordingly)
  • Join a meeting from a link, workspace, or a scheduled meeting in Microsoft Outlook
  • Start a meeting from a workspace
  • Manage the Waiting Room and have host capabilities

Connect Your Bluescape Account

Gain access to your workspaces and meetings on your mobile device by connecting to your Bluescape account. There are two ways to connect your account: using the QR code or connecting manually.

Using the QR code to connect.
  1. Log into Bluescape on a nearby desktop or laptop computer.

  2. Select the Profile button in the top right corner, then click “Connect a Mobile Device.”

  3. Tap the blue camera button in the mobile application and scan the QR code shown on the computer.

  4. Finish the login process by entering your email address and password to your Bluescape account.

Set up your connection manually.
  1. On your mobile device, select “I want to set up my connection manually” at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Log in to Bluescape on a nearby desktop or laptop computer.

  3. Select the Profile button in the top right corner. Under Mobile Device Setup, you will find the server hostname.

  4. Type the server hostname in the mobile app and select Next.

  5. Finish the login process by entering your email address and password to your Bluescape account.

Known Limitations

  • The ability to sync a video is not available.
  • You cannot add a timer to the workspace.
  • You cannot add an asset from cloud storage services (including OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Office365, and OneDrive Link).
  • You cannot share your screen during a Bluescape Meeting.
  • You cannot access administrative features in Bluescape Home.

Where to Next?

Still have questions? Reply, and the community will come to your aid.

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Is it possible to use the Lasso tool in the mobile app (iPad)?

Hi @Thomas_Pofahl,

Thanks for your question! We’ve connected with our product team for confirmation and more info. We will get back to you as soon as we receive. :slight_smile:

@Thomas_Pofahl thank you for reaching out. Currently the Lasso tool is not available on the iPad mobile app.

@sg1 - Looks like it works if you pair a keyboard to the iPad!


That is great to hear thank you for trying that out @Thomas_Pofahl!

I really don’t understand why the iPad Apple Pencil support is so bad. There are no preferences for changing any of the behavior of using the Apple Pencil with the app and I still have to select the pen option before I can free-form draw/write anyway. The general expectation when using an app supporting Apple Pencil is that you don’t have to manually select pen as the input when switching from touch to pencil input. It’s just so cumbersome to use in Bluescape as a result. Past that, I can’t even get ‘undo’ to work at all, so I end up having to go through a lot of steps just to delete what I drew incorrectly.

Hi @Tundrok thank you for your feedback. We are working on improving the Apple Pencil behavior. Please stay tuned for our future releases on this. Also for ‘undo’ can you please confirm if this behavior is seen during free-form drawing and also if you are seeing this on the iPad app. Thanks.

Aside from mobile app, is there a way to take a picture using my laptop camera to upload to the workspace?

@BayAreaCSM This functionality is only available through the mobile app.

If you would like to share how adding this to the web or native application would help you achieve more with Bluescape, please share in Product Feedback. That way, others can vote on the feedback as well. :slight_smile: