Sharing a Custom Template

Support Note
Custom templates are a premium feature. If you’re unsure whether your Team has this feature/capability/integration, please reach out to your IT department.

You can share your custom templates with fellow Bluescapers! If you are an Admin, you can also share templates with all members in the Team.

Learn more about Administrator capabilities by reading Team Roles.

Sharing a new custom template

Share with individual members:

  1. When you have the Add template window open, toggle Share Template to the right to the blue “on” position.

Add new custom template - share toggle on

  1. Select Next.

  2. To share the template with certain members only, use the Share with individual(s) option.

  1. Type the email address(es) of the member(s) you want to share the template in the Email Address field.

  2. Select their name(s) from the drop-down list to add them.

  3. Use the drop-down menu to assign each collaborator a member role when accessing the template. Select Editor if you want to allow them to update the template. Select Viewer if you do not.

  4. Select Add.

  5. Select Share.

Your shared template will appear in the template picker for the individuals you’ve specified.

Share with your entire Team:

If you are an administrator, you can share the templates with all members in your team. To do so:

  1. Use the Share with organization option in the Share Template window. Note that everyone in the team can view the template, but only you may edit it.

  1. Assign the template a category using the drop-down menu.

  2. You can also assign the template a new category by selecting the Add new category button.

  3. Type the desired name in the Template Category field.

  4. Select Add.

  5. Select Share.

The shared template is now available for the entire team.

Note: You can only share templates with members in template-enabled Teams. Talk to your administrator for more details.

Sharing an existing custom template

As an owner of a custom template, you can access the sharing modal after the template had been saved.

  1. Select :add_content: (Add content), then :template: (Template).

  2. Search for your template name.

  3. Select :more_options: (More) next to the template name.

  4. Select Share and follow the sharing step above to either share with individual members or the entire Team.

Share an existing custom template

You’re all set to share custom templates with your team members. :muscle:

Where to Next?

Still have questions? Reply, and the community will come to your aid.

Custom Level Template “Shared with the Organization” Question: Are there plans to add the ability to share with the organization and select editors? Situation: Team Admin is requested to share a custom template with the organization. The Team Admin shares with the organization. To keep the template current, the Team Admin would need to update the template every time there is a change. However, the UX would be much more efficient if the team admin could give the original template owner/requester/builder editor access to maintain the template.

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Hi, @Mel .
We are actively working to connect with the proper subject matter expert and gather up-to-date information for you. We will share our findings as soon as we are able. Thank you for being so patient. :smiley:

Hey there, @Mel. Thanks so much for your patience. There have been, and still are, a whole host of behind-the-curtain changes happening to how templates function - changes meant to support the implementation of future improvements to template use.

What you’re asking is currently available for Bluescape Business and Enterprise customers. Check with your team administrator to ensure the Share with organization feature is enabled.

See our Pricing page for more detail.

I recommend first sharing your template with any individuals you want to be editors.

Then, once your custom template is saved and template editors are assigned:

  1. From the toolbar, select :add_content: (Add content) and choose :template: (Template).
  2. Search for your Custom template.
  3. From :more_options: (More), select Share.
    Share a Custom Template
  4. Then to share with your whole team, choose the top option and your desired category for easy finding.

Hope that helps. :smiley: