Unable to Change the Share Setting on an Existing Custom Template

In Bluescape, when you attempt to change the Share setting on an existing custom template, the settings change is unsuccessful.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a new workspace in Bluescape.
  2. Add any content in the workspace.
  3. Select the added content.
  4. Select :more_options: (More options) > Create Template > Add.
  5. Locate the newly created template under “Custom” templates.
  6. Select :more_options: > Share.
  7. Select the Share with Org option or Share with individual(s) > Share.

Expected result

The share permissions update to your new preferences as expected.

Observed result

The share permissions do not change.

This issue is resolved in the June 2023 (23.06.1) release of Bluescape.

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