June 2023 Release Notes Summary

Support Note
Some features included in this release may not apply to your team/organization. If you’re unsure whether your team/organization has a certain feature, please reach out to your IT department.
These changes are scheduled to go live on Thursday, June 8 after 9 pm PST for impacted organizations.


Live Content streaming

Live Content demo
Bluescape’s new Live Content feature allows Enterprise users to screen share live content (for example, a YouTube video or a USB/HDMI input) at anytime, not just during meetings, and attendees can follow along, creating an immersive viewing experience. With the ability to pause, play, and detach/re-attach audio and video, this feature enhances the remote collaboration experience for teams.

Learn More: Adding Video Live Stream Content to a Workspace

Bluescape Home administrative functionality

Bluescape Home Admin Functionality Demo

Bluescape Home now includes administrative functionality previously only found in the Configuration Center, such as User, Team, and Workspace settings. This streamlines the user experience by allowing direct access to these settings from Bluescape Home. However, the Configuration Center remains available temporarily as users adjust to the update.

Learn More: Administrative Functionality in Bluescape Home

Leader-Follower enhancements

Drifting demo
In this release, followers have greater control over the collaboration experience by being able to navigate away from the leader without having to unfollow (“Drifting”). Also, our new, clearer, and cleaner UI features matching cursor colors and an auto-follow delay that simplifies navigation.

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Updates to pinned objects

Pin Menu Updates
Bluescape’s Pin-Unpin Object visual indicator has been enhanced to improve the user experience. The pin control has been added to the control bar, and pinned objects are now highlighted in red. These changes make it easier to identify pinned objects while dragging, avoiding accidental movement and improving collaborative efficiency.

Learn More: Pinning an Asset

Updated Pen menu

Pen Menu Demo
Users can now easily switch between drawings while keeping the :pen: (Pen) menu open, allowing for a more seamless and efficient workflow. The Pen menu itself can also be moved around the workspace by dragging for ease of use.

Stylus detection and tool preference

Bluescape now detects when a stylus or drawing tool has been connected to a device, and allows users to select whether it should act as a drawing tool or a pointer in the workspace. The options for “Always Draw” or “Act as Pointer” are accessible through the workspace setting menu.

Learn More: Workspace Settings and Details

Notable Bug Fixes & Improvements

Suggestive auto-complete text in Popsync search

Bluescape has added suggestive auto-complete text based on user feedback to improve search efficiency. Up to eight suggestions are now displayed when typing in the search field, including support for multi-word searches. Keyboard shortcuts allow for easy navigation between suggestions.

Right-select menu consistency

Our right-select menus have been updated to provide a more consistent experience across all objects. As of this release, the menu that appears when you select :more_options: (More options) is now the same as the right-select menu. To ensure consistency, menu entries that are common across object types have been arranged in the same order and position wherever possible.

Learn More: Keyboard Shortcuts

New functionality for touch devices

On touch devices, the navigation controls are now hidden until the user touches the screen, and the hand tool is activated. Long pressing and dragging will enable marquee selection, while long pressing and releasing will display a right-select menu. The navigation menu only appears with a mouse, making the touch experience more intuitive on Bluescape.

Learn More: Bluescape Workspace Navigation Guide

Update to arrow key increments

In previous versions, selecting an object and pressing the arrow key would cause the object to move in large increments across the workspace. Starting with the latest release, we have updated this behavior, and now objects move in smaller increments when the arrow keys are pressed.

Learn More: Bluescape Workspace Navigation Guide

OAuth for Adobestock

We’ve added the ability for those with an Adobestock account to log on to their subscription account using Popsync Image Search to include paid images in their search results.

Download button appears when hovering over a collection canvas in Popsync

This month, when you hover over a collection canvas in Popsync, a :download: (Download) button is now present. This feature, which was always available in the Canvas menu, means that users can now quickly download all their files from the collection canvas as a Zip file, just like the “Download as Zip” feature.

Learn More: How to Export Content from a Workspace

:bug: Bug Fix: Interaction with URL text

If a user in the workspace interacts with URL text, others in the workspace were unable to interact with it simultaneously. With this month’s release, all users in the workspace can now interact with URL text at any time.

Learn More: Adding Text to a Workspace (Web)

:bug: Bug Fix: Undo/Redo using a hotkey when a popup message is present

Previously, if a popup message, for example, Go to nearest content was present in the workspace and you attempted to undo or redo your previous action, no change occurred. This has been resolved with the June release.

Learn More: Unable to Undo/Redo an Action when a Popup is Present in the Workspace

:bug: Bug Fix: Change the Share setting on an existing custom template

Users attempting to modify Share permissions for a custom template in Bluescape were unable to apply their changes. We’ve resolved this issue, and starting with the June release, Share permissions update as expected.

Learn More: Unable to Change the Share Setting on an Existing Custom Template

:bug: Bug Fix: Notecard transparency when using quick connect from a line

The notecard became transparent when attempting to apply a quick connect from a line to a notecard. We’ve resolved this issue and quick connect from a line to a notecard functions as expected.

Learn More: Notecard is Transparent when Attempting Quick Connect from a Line

:bug: Bug Fix: GIF consistency in Presentation mode

We’ve resolved an issue where GIF animation was inconsistent in presentation mode when the GIF is attached to an image or notecard.

:bug: Bug Fix: Adding users to the Facilitator role

Adding a user to a Facilitator role in previous versions of Bluescape may have resulted in an “Error updating role” message appearing. This issue is resolved with this month’s update.

Learn More: “Error updating role” Message Appears when Adding or Updating a User to a Facilitator Role

:bug: Bug Fix: Connector duplicate behavior for Notecards/Shapes

We’ve resolved an issue for touchscreen device users where using the Duplicate function was unresponsive or the output was incorrect.

Learn More: Connector Duplicate Behavior for Notecards/Shapes is Unsuccessful when using a Touchscreen

That’s all for this update. You’re ready to dive in! :bluescape_home: