November 2023 Release Notes Summary

Support Note
Some features included in this release may not apply to your team. If you’re unsure whether your team has a certain feature, please reach out to your IT department.
These changes are scheduled to go live on Thursday, November 9, 2023 after 9 pm PST for impacted teams.


Workspace chat

Chat with other users in your workspace, and share meeting and workspace object links for easy brainstorming and feedback. Enjoy the convenience of persistent history, ensuring that your conversations remain accessible even after the meeting.

Learn more: Using Workspace Chat

Ability to add text to lines

Adding text to line routing

The functionality of the lines tool has been expanded by introducing the option to add text to them. This significantly enhances the way you can create and customize flowcharts and diagrams.

Learn More: Adding and Modifying Lines and Routing

File picker for Ci Media Cloud

Using File Picker in a Bluescape workspace

The file picker for Ci Media Cloud enhances the review cycle workflow by allowing users to access and upload files from Sony CI Media Cloud DAM from within the workspace.

Learn more: Using File Picker for Ci Media Cloud

Toolbar power-ups with APIs (Developer)

Power-ups are custom buttons that can be added to an element toolbar using APIs. They send trait subscription events with an optional payload to a server to handle custom actions. You can trigger custom actions/workflows with other tools directly from within Bluescape. With the right APIs in place, the possibilities for this feature are endless.

Learn more: Element Toolbar Power-Ups (Custom Button)

Access Bluescape Home from a large display

You can log in to Bluescape Home directly from a large display, allowing you to select a workspace to open or create a new workspace without needing an additional device to send a workspace to the display.

Learn More: Accessing Bluescape Home on a Large Display

Reminders, Notable Bug Fixes, & Improvements

Bluescape for large displays update

Important reminder: The legacy wall client will no longer operate after the November release.

All administrators of a Bluescape legacy wall client must log on to the computer hosting your wall and perform an update to the new Bluescape for large displays app if it has not already been updated.

Learn more: Bluescape on a Large Touch Display

Update display mode for large displays

After opening the Bluescape app for large displays, you can change the display mode settings from the default dark mode to light or high contrast mode to match your preferred experience.

Learn more: Lobby Screen Settings for Large Displays

Have multiple live browser objects run simultaneously

In both the Bluecsape Native app and the Bluescape for Large Displays app, users can now simultaneously have unlimited live objects in the workspace.

Learn more: Adding Browser Content to a Workspace

Update to highlighter icon

The highlighter icon now indicates the current, set color within the toolbar so you know which color is in use when selecting the highlighter. :highlight_color:

Learn more: Adding Text to a Workspace

Hotkey to avoid snapping when moving and resizing objects

With this release, you can now move and resize objects without them automatically snapping to the grid or guides by holding down the Ctrl/Cmd key on your keyboard while moving an object, allowing for precise placement.

Learn more: Bluescape Workspace Navigation Guide

Improvement to minimum size for cropping

Based on your feedback, all objects (except for shapes, notecards, lines, and canvases) can now be cropped down to as small as 40px.

Learn more: Using the Cropping Feature

Update to invite users

In Bluescape, collaborators can invite others and assign them the same or lower permission levels to join the workspace. For instance, a viewer can only invite another viewer. Facilitators can invite facilitators, editors, commenters, or viewers.

Learn more: Workspace Roles

Create Frameless Iframes

Bluescape API users can create frameless iframes in Bluescape workspaces. With a REST or GraphQL call, developers can now easily create a browser object in their desired workspace and set the frameless property to true.

Once set, the resulting iframe does not display the Title bar, URL bar, and Element toolbar, offering a clean and minimalist browsing experience.

Learn more: Create Frameless Iframes

Using a stylus to add content

Stylus users can now choose from a range of tools (lines, shapes, canvases, notecards) and directly add content to the workspace, even when the stylus is set to Always draw.

Learn more: Workspace Settings and Details

Pages extracted from a PDF file appear as expected

When you extract a PDF file in a workspace, the pages appear the same as the size of the pages in the original upload.

Learn more: Extracting a PDF in a Workspace

Object duplication allows for manual control over entering edit mode

Previously, when duplicating an object, you would automatically enter edit mode on the new object. Now, users have manual control over edit mode, and you can duplicate multiple objects before editing them.

Learn more: Duplicating an Asset

:bug: Bug Fix: Long press menu is suppressed when using a stylus

Previously, on a touch device, with the Always draw function toggled on, when using a stylus to draw lines, the Long press menu would appear. This issue was resolved, and the long-press menu functions as expected.

Learn more: Long Press Menu Appears when Using a Stylus with the Always Draw Option Set to On

:bug: Bug Fix: Able to pan away from an element while in edit mode

An issue was present when editing text on an editable element (for example, a shape or a notecard) and panning away; the viewport would automatically bring you back to the element you were editing. This has been resolved.

Learn more: Unable to Pan Away from an Element when Editing a Shape or Notecard

:bug: Bug Fix: Aspect ratio stays locked when multi-selecting and resizing free text

Previously, when resizing free text as part of a multi-select action, the text would revert to its previous size when edited. With the latest update, this issue has been resolved, ensuring consistent sizing when editing text after resizing.

Learn more: Text Does Not Retain Resized Aspect Ratio when Edited After a Multi-Select Resize

:bug: Bug Fix: Bing Images search results appear as expected

In this release, when you use Bing Images as an image search provider in Popsync, you no longer see blank placeholders or error messages.

Learn more: “400 Error” Messages or Placeholder Images Appear when Using Bing Images in a Popsync Search

:bug: Bug Fix: Waiting room notifications appear for hosts using a mobile device

The issue where hosts using a mobile device could not see anonymous users in the meeting waiting room has been resolved.

Learn more: Waiting Room Notifications Do Not Appear for Host when Anonymous User Joins a Meeting

:bug: Bug Fix: Pasting a workspace link on mobile iOS

Mobile iOS device users can now successfully paste a workspace link into the workspace, and the link appears as expected.

Learn more: Unable to Paste a Workspace link when Using an iOS Mobile Device

:bug: Bug Fix: Canvases and objects stay in the new location when the workspace is refreshed or reloaded

An issue that occurred when you moved an element in a workspace (for example, a canvas or an object) and then refreshed the workspace; the element returned to its previous position has been corrected.

Learn more: Canvases and Objects in a Workspace Revert to their Original Location after Refreshing or Reloading the Workspace

:bug: Bug Fix: Uploaded content stuck in the “Processing…” state

Previously, when uploading content to the workspace, the content asset may have become unresponsive in a “Processing…” state. This issue is resolved.

Learn more: A Content Asset May Become Unresponsive in a “Processing…” State During Uploading

:bug: Bug Fix: Multi-selected objects snap to grid

Now, when you have Snap to > Grid selected and you multi-select objects to move them around the workspace, the objects snap to the grid as expected.

Learn more: Multiple Selected Objects Do Not “Snap to Grid” When Moving Around the Workspace

Open Bluescape to experience these improvements! :bluescape_home:

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Team Bluescape - these features are fantastic!! Persistent chat will really bring home that collaborative environment capability. And we really look forward to be able to log-in from a large screen,

Great work, Bluescape!!



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