Accessing Bluescape Home on a Large Display

Large display users can access Bluescape Home from the Bluescape app for large displays.

Logging in to Bluescape Home on a large display

  1. On the lobby screen, select Login.

  2. Enter your registered email address.

    Note: To sign up for Bluescape, including the free Bluesape Go tier, see Bluescape Pricing. To download the Bluescape Wall Client for Large Displays, see Installing Bluescape on a Large Touch Display.

  3. Enter your password.
    You are directed to Bluescape Home. From here, you can access any of the workspaces you own or have access to.

    Select a workspace to open it or create a new workspace.
    Note: Bluescape Home automatically sets to private mode, hiding the full names of workspaces and owners. To display all the information, select :hide: (Privacy) at the top of your workspace list.

Logging out of Bluescape Home on a large display

To quickly log out of Bluescape, select the Log out from Bluescape button on the lower left.

If a workspace is open, select :return_to_lobby: (return to lobby) on the workspace toolbar, then Log out from Bluescape.