Installing Bluescape on a Large Touch Display

Important notice: Legacy Wall Client Update Required

To facilitate the auto-update process from the legacy wall application to the new Bluescape for Large Display, administrators are required to manually complete a specific step to ensure that the legacy wall is equipped with the latest client version released in October.

Update instructions

  1. Sign in to the computer with the existing legacy wall installed using your admin credentials.
  2. Launch the Bluescape Enterprise Wall application.
  3. Update the application to the latest version released in October.

Please ensure these steps are performed before November 9, 2023. Failure to update the legacy wall client results in the software becoming non-operational and no longer receiving automatic updates to the latest Bluescape for Large Display application.


Bluescape is available for large touchscreen displays. Users can enjoy all the workspace features they have today on their desktops on large displays, eliminating any compatibility issues that may have existed before. Read about Bluescape for large touchscreen displays.

Installation instructions

  1. Uninstall your previous wall client using the Windows Add/Remove Programs feature.

  2. Navigate to the download URL for your environment:
    a. Production:
    b. VPI customers: VPI Customers should Reply to this topic below to engage Bluescape Support for assistance.
    c. Select Download for Windows to download the installation file.

  3. Select the downloaded file and complete the installation.

  4. Return to the download webpage and select Set up application.

    a. Alternatively, you can select I want to initialize the application manually after the application has finished installing and manually enter your server hostname.
    Connect to Bluescsape

  5. The application opens with the server hostname populated. Enter a Wall Name, and select Continue.

  6. You receive a prompt to restart the application to complete the initialization.

OS versions supported for large displays

Supported OS:

  • Microsoft Windows 10+
    • Keyboard and mouse required to complete the installation
    • If no keyboard is attached, the user must enable the onscreen keyboard

Large Format Display FAQ

Do I need to uninstall my old wall client?

While you can have both applications installed, we highly recommend uninstalling the old wall client before installing the new Bluescape application. This reduces the risk of unforeseen errors when auto-updating or launching the app on login.

What happens if I don’t update my current wall client?

The old wall client will be deprecated and no longer function on connected environments after the scheduled date in November 2023. To continue using Bluescape on large displays, updating the new application is recommended.

How do I access my workspaces on large displays?

From your computer or mobile device, you can easily send workspaces to the wall. Select the option to send to the wall within the workspace.

Can I connect multiple screens to the Bluescape for Large Touchscreen Displays app?

Yes, you can. If you require a multi-monitor setup, it is recommended to contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or reply to this topic for assistance.

Can I install the desktop and large-screen apps on the same machine?

Users can only have the desktop or large-screen app installed per machine.

Can I use app links to open or join a workspace on the large format display?

No, app links are not supported. Workspaces must be sent to the wall using the “Send to Wall” option within a workspace.

Can you share a computer screen with the Bluescape app via HDMI?

In the new Bluescape app, you cannot connect external devices via HDMI. We have implemented a new Video Stream feature that can be used to share the display of other devices.

Learn more: Adding Live Video Content to a Workspace

Note About the Legacy Wall Client

Bluescape’s legacy Wall Client is now in EOL. Complete deprecation of the wall client is scheduled for November 9, 2023. After this date, the legacy wall client will no longer function on connected environments.