Bluescape on Multiple Monitors: Windows

As a Bluescape user, you can use the native Bluescape Wall application on a Microsoft Windows platform with multiple monitor configurations.

Supported Configurations

  1. Windows Display Settings: Extend the desktop up to four 4k monitors.

  2. Nvidia Mosaic or other GPU video wall software: Create a single screen with a multiple array of monitors with seamless bezels, supporting up to 16 1080p screens (for example, 3x3, 4x3).

Configuration 1: Multiple Monitors for a Single Display

Steps before App Installation:

  1. Power on your PC.

  2. Open Settings > System > Display.
    Extend to multiple displays
    a. You should see a momentary black card on Display 1.

    b. Display 1 must be the leftmost monitor. You may need to re-arrange the order the video cables are connected to accomplish this.

    c. Make display 1 your primary monitor.

  3. Under Rearrange your displays, select Identify when the selection is on Display 1.

  4. Select Identify and order monitors 2-4 based on their setup on the wall.

  5. Select Apply.

  6. Ensure the following settings for each display:

  • Scale & Layout: Set to 100%.
  • Display resolution: Set all monitors to the same resolution (3840x2160 for 4k).
  • Display orientation: Landscape.
  • Multiple displays: Extend these displays.

  1. Install the Bluescape Native Application.

  2. During the provisioning screen, the application window only appears on the primary screen to avoid occlusion by seams between monitors.

  3. Go through the provisioning process. The Bluescape application opens at the end.

  4. Quit the application.

  5. Go to: C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\BluescapeLargeDisplay\user-config.json

  • Open this file with Notepad.
  1. To enable multiple monitors replicating single display functionality, make the following changes to the user-config.json file, add: "shouldSpanAcrossDisplays": true,

    Your edited file should appear as follows:

    Save the user-config.json file.

  2. Use Windows OS settings to calibrate touch and pen input:
    a. Open the Control Panel and select Tablet PC Settings.

    b. Select Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input.
    Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input
    c. Choose Setup.
    Select Setup
    d. Follow the instructions on the screen. If you have pen support on your monitor, choose touch, then repeat this process for a pen.

  3. Start the BluescapeLargeDisplay shortcut from Desktop. The app should span both displays.

Configuration 2: Nvidia Mosaic or other GPU video wall software.

  1. Set up Nvidia Mosiac for your Video wall. This takes all the individual monitors and makes it one large monitor.

  2. Install the Bluescape Native Application.

  3. Open Settings > System > Display
    a. Scale & Layout set between 100% and 300% for your desired icon size.

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