How to Download and Install the Bluescape Desktop Application

Support Note
The beta version of the Bluescape Desktop App is scheduled for release on Friday, May 13, 2022.

The Bluescape Desktop App contains all of the functionality that the Web client currently has, but removes browser dependency and provides members with a dedicated Bluescape experience.

Automatic Initialization

To download the Bluescape Application:

  1. Go to Download.

  2. Log on to Bluescape from a web browser and access your profile.

  3. Under Desktop App, select Initialize desktop app.

  4. The Bluescape application refreshes. You are now able to enter your email address to complete the log-on process.

Manual Initialization

Alternatively, users may manually initialize the application using the following process:

  1. Select I want to initialize the application manually

  2. Enter the server hostname and select Next.

Pro Tip:
To access your server hostname, access your profile from My Bluescape:



  1. Enter your email address to complete your log on.

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