Tips to Optimize Workspace Speed

Our world today is fast-paced, as are most workplaces. Digital technologies are expected to improve efficiency, and an application with a high frame rate can achieve this best. With other technologies, you load what you select. Bluescape is one step ahead. As soon as any object appears in your viewport, your computer begins loading it. As content increases in any workspace, computers require much more processing bandwidth to load every single object in the viewport.

To ensure that your experience with Bluescape is smooth, we have pulled together helpful tips that you can leverage to maintain high frames per second (FPS)/workspace speed.

If you’re wondering if you may be running into general technical issues, visit our Technical Troubleshooting for help.

Workspace-Specific Tips

  1. Download our Desktop Application Our desktop application caches locally, which sets you up for a great overall experience. You also don’t lose your workspace amongst all the tabs you may have open.

  2. Stay zoomed in when navigating around. Not only will this help you identify information faster, but it’s also friendlier to your computer since your only asking it to load a few items rather than thousands. :slight_smile:

  3. Use the “Fit selection” zoom option (keyboard shortcut: 2). Once you select what you’re looking for, this keyboard shortcut will focus on loading the exact area you are working on rather than everything in your workspace at once.

  4. Spread your content out. Spreading content out helps ensure each project area of your workspace has good margins, making it easy to be productive and grow your workspace.

  5. Use the canvas search capabilities to navigate. If you have named your canvases - which we highly recommend, select :search: (Search) and then navigate to the Canvases tab (keyboard shortcut: c).
    BluePro Tip: Nest canvases to have the tidiest workspaces.

  6. Delete content that is no longer necessary. A little spring cleaning never hurts. :broom: Similar to how drawers and bins get filled with contents that are no longer needed, the same may go for your workspace. If there is content in your workspace that will never be referenced or re-used, removing it will free up the space for new work and fresh ideas.

If you’re on the path to owning the largest workspace of any Bluescape, here is what you can do to minimize performance degradation over time for the following objects:

  • High-resolution images - Take a screenshot of a group of images and replace them with that single screenshot for reference.
  • Pen strokes - Take a screenshot of the pen strokes in their context and replace them with that single screenshot.
  1. Split your work into multiple workspaces within reason. Multiple workspaces can act like a folder system. We recommend that you try and divide large projects among several workspaces (for example, one per project phase). A general rule of thumb would be to consider a new workspace if your current one will pass ~5000 objects. Don’t forget you can add hyperlinks for quick, workspace-to-workspace navigation.

  2. Disable “Show collaborator cursors” when there are ~100 collaborators in your workspace. Cursors are beneficial during working sessions but can become distracting when presenting or guiding over 100 participants through a workshop.
    Don't 'Show collaborator cursors'

  3. Use browser bookmarks. If you have a specific location or canvas from which you prefer to start each session, use browser bookmarks as quick links into your workspace by using the “Copy link” option to extract the URL of a specific object or canvas.

    BluePro Tip: Create a workspace table of contents in a canvas for bookmarking. Link Objects Together in a Workspace for quicker navigation. See an example here: Use a Meeting Agenda to Keep Meetings on Track.

Now What?

If you run into performance issues in Bluescape after following all the recommendations above, please ask the community for help.

If things are running smoothly now, we’re glad to have helped. :smile: Maybe take a moment to share your positive feedback. :mega: