Workspace Overview

This topic outlines the functions accessible from the workspace toolbars.

Note: If your Team does not support the related functionality, some icons may not appear.

1. Workspace title & options menu

  • Select :bluescape_home: (Home) to return to Bluescape Home.
  • Select the workspace title to edit the name or purpose of your workspace.
  • Select :more_options: (Workspace settings) to access a series of options for customizing your workspace. Read Workspace Settings and Details to learn the function of each menu option.

2. Search :search:

This feature allows you to search for workspace content and filter results for a refined search.

Searchable assets
Option Description
Canvases Search by canvas name.
Comments Search for words that appear in workspace comments.
Documents Search for Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel files by title only. The search engine does not detect words included in the document itself.
Images Search for images based on their titles.
Notecards or Shapes Search for words that appear in any workspace notecards or shapes.
PDFs Search for PDFs by title only. The search engine does not detect words in the PDF files.
Text Search for words that appear in any workspace text box.
Videos Search for videos by title.
Websites Search for URLs by content. Search results display any workspace browser containing the search term in the URL.

The default search applies None as your asset type filter and displays all searchable assets in the results. Selecting this filter removes all filters from any previous search.

Searching workspace content

  1. Select :search: (Search).
  2. The Search panel opens.

  3. To search by canvas, remain on the Canvas tab (the default). Select the Everything tab to search for all assets (including canvases).
  4. Enter keywords in the Search field.
  5. The results appear below the Search field. When you select a result, the workspace will automatically pan to that object’s location.

Filtering your search results

Different filter options are available depending on the tab you used to search.

Filtering for canvas search

To sort from the Canvases tab:

  1. Select :filter: (Filter) beside the search input field. The button appears blue while activated, and an additional field appears below.
  2. Select the drown-down arrow below the new Sort by option.

  3. Select an option from the sort menu.
  4. Scroll through your results and select a canvas. Your workspace view moves to the workspace area where that canvas is.
Filtering by object type

To filter from the Everything tab:

  1. Select :filter: (Filter) beside the search input field. The button appears blue while activated, and an additional field appears below.
  2. Select the drown-down arrow below the new Filter By option.

  3. Select one or multiple asset types from the menu, and the search results only display those asset types.

  4. Scroll through your results and select an object. Your workspace view moves to the workspace area where that object is located. You can clear filters anytime by clicking the X next to the filter category to adjust your search parameters.

3. Help menu :help:

There are a few resources in the Help Menu to assist you when using Bluescape, including:

Option Description
Keyboard shortcuts A list of shortcuts available on a Windows or Mac computer.
Launch tour Starts a guided tour on how to use Bluescape.
Start creating… Helpful options to get started using features available in the workspace.
What’s new? Highlights the newest features from each month’s release.
Bluescape Community Links to our community so you can ask questions and get support when needed.
About Bluescape Opens a pop-up with links to the Bluescape Terms and Conditions, Bluescape’s Privacy Policy, and Third-Party Terms and Conditions.*

4. Send to wall :send_to_wall:

If you’re part of a Team that uses the Bluescape on large displays, you see the :send_to_wall: (Send to wall) feature from your workspace. You can interact with your workspace on a large display for our premium collaboration experience in a conference room, executive briefing center, or other group space.

To send a workspace to a large display from within the workspace:

  1. Select :send_to_wall: (Send to wall).
  2. The Send to wall pop-up window opens. Enter the PIN for the large display.

  3. Select Send to wall or press Enter to send the workspace to a large display.
    Note: A large display’s PIN changes whenever a member enters or leaves a workspace as a security feature. You can access a large display without worrying about your meeting being interrupted or someone accidentally sending a workspace to the same large display you are using.
    Read Workspace Settings and Details for how to Send to wall from Bluescape Home.

5. Collaborators toolbar :collaborator:

You can perform several functions from the Collaborators Toolbar to view and manage workspace collaborators.

Option Description
Laser pointer Gives you the ability to use temporary strokes in the workspace to enhance audience focus during presentations.
Lead Quickly take the lead in a workspace and have others follow you.
Meet now Start a meeting right in your workspace.
Invite Share your workspace with other collaborators.

6. Chat & Comments :comments:

Stay in touch with your team, whether working synchronously or asynchronously, with more flexibility in how and when you communicate. Level up your collaboration by leveraging these communication features:

  • Chat with workspace collaborators so that they can troubleshoot, brainstorm, and provide feedback on your content.
  • Comment on content throughout the workspace so your team can easily share ideas, leave editing notes, and more.

7. Workspace toolbar

Navigate the workspace using pan to move freely, use select to interact with objects, and use the workspace toolbar to add diverse content. Features on the workspace toolbar include pen strokes, shapes and icons, text, file uploads, and more. Read about the Workspace Toolbar.

BluePro Tip: Many toolbar features have keyboard shortcuts for quick and easy access.

8. Undo and redo :undo: :redo:

These options allow you to undo and redo actions taken in the workspace. Learn how to Undo and redo an action.

9. Zoom

The zoom menu in the bottom right corner of your workspace allows you to increase or decrease the perceived size and amount of content within your workspace view.

From the zoom menu, there are a few options to choose from:

Option Description
Zoom in To magnify a workspace and view less content.
Zoom out To view more workspace content.
100% (Default) Zoom to 100% so that the pixel size of images and fonts, for example, matches sizing in other applications (such as Microsoft Office).
25% Zoom in to magnify a workspace and view 1/4 of the content viewable at 100%.
Fit all content Zooms out to display all your workspace content.
Fit selection Zooms to the selected object in your workspace.
Fit to canvas Zooms to the canvas based on your selection.

Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcuts associated with each zoom function (for example, select :zoom_out: (Minus) on your keyboard to zoom out).

Note: Workspaces use dynamic zoom, meaning you can zoom out further the more content you add. Minimum workspace zoom is <1%, and maximum workspace zoom is 400%. Zoom control levels do not impact the size of an asset.

You’re ready to open your workspace! :bluescape_home: