Bluescape Accessibility Statement

Current capabilities for Keyboard and Screen Reader Users

Users who access Bluescape can do so using assistive technology, for example, a screen reader and a keyboard. Bluescape uses a combination of the Tab, Enter, Ctrl/Cmd, and arrow keys to access, edit, and move workspace objects. Tooltips are included with most objects.

Note: Bluescape tests screen reader compatibility against NVDA Screen Reader software. Currently, there are no plans to extend support to additional screen readers.

Bluescape workspace keyboard navigation

Bluescape is compatible with all common browser-based and desktop screen readers.

Users can take advantage of keyboard navigation around Bluescape Home and use all workspace tools (except the Pen tool).

End users not operating Bluescape with a mouse can use their Tab key to navigate between content and tools, move objects, and enter and exit workspaces.

My Bluescape Home

  1. Select the Tab key on your keyboard to skip to the next content shortcut.
  2. Press the Tab key until you reach the content section you would like to access.
  3. Press Shift+Tab to go back a section.
  4. Select Enter to open a workspace.

In a Bluescape workspace

When you enter a Bluescape workspace, press the Tab key. A shortcut appears at the top of your screen allowing you to quickly access different sections:

  1. Skip to Toolbar (1 Tab press).
  2. Skip to Search (2 Tab presses).
  3. Skip to Collaborators (3 Tab presses).
  4. Skip to Content (4 Tab presses).
  5. Press Enter to access the section you would like to use.

Shortcuts appear at the top of the page when pressing the Tab key

Further pressing the Tab button moves between selectable objects within the workspace. Press Enter to select the object.

Navigating between objects

You can use Ctrl+arrow keys (or Cmd+arrow keys on Mac OS) to navigate between objects in your workspace.

Moving an object in a workspace

  1. Press Ctrl+arrow (Cmd+arrow keys on Mac OS) to the object you want to move.
  2. When you get to the object you want to move, use the Shift+arrow keys to move the object around the workspace.
  3. Once you have your object in the desired position, press Esc to place the object and exit.

Editing an object

  1. Use the Ctrl+arrow keys to navigate to the object you wish to edit.
  2. Press Tab to enter the editing menu.
  3. Tab to the tool you wish to use, for example, Text.
  4. Press Enter to access the text editor.
  5. Modify your text.
  6. Press Esc to exit.
    Edit text menu

Note: All Bluescape objects can be added and edited using a keyboard with the exception of the Pen function.

Optional Alt-Text

End users can add alt-text for any content in the workspace.

  1. Use the Ctrl+arrow keys to navigate to the object you wish to edit.
  2. Press Tab to enter the editing menu.
  3. Tab to the :more_options: (More Options) menu and press Enter.
  4. Tab to Alt text. A dialog box opens.
  5. Enter your Alt-text and press Save.

High-contrast mode

Users have the ability to enable high-contrast display mode by accessing the Settings section in their profile from Bluescape Home.

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