Getting Started

How to Get Started Using Bluescape

Are you ready to start using Bluescape? In this topic, you will learn about the dashboard we refer to as Bluescape Home, the Workspace, and how to leverage our Bluescape Community.

Note: If you already have a Bluescape login, Jump to Step 3.

1. Accessing Bluescape

Getting into a Bluescape workspace for the first time can be done in various ways. To join Bluescape, register your organization and start work right away. If you belong to an organization already using Bluescape, contact your IT department to inquiry about licenses.

Registering an account

Depending on your business or personal needs, you can compare the pricing of our various packages. If you would rather test-drive our product, we encourage you to sign up for a free trial today.

You’re encouraged to join the Bluescape Community if you haven’t already, so you can receive support through your journey with Bluescape.

If you haven’t registered and a Bluescape member wants to collaborate with you now, it’s easy for you to participate as a visitor.

Visitor access

a. Accessing Bluescape as a Visitor via Email Invitation

Note: If you are using Bluescape as a visitor, Jump to Step 3.

Seamless access

Enterprise customers have the option to configure SSO for quick access to Bluescape using your work credentials.
a. OpenID Connect Sign-On Overview

2. Managing your account

Welcome! You’re a Bluescaper. Now that you’re registered, there’s a lot you can manage from the dashboard we call Bluescape Home. Setting up your member profile is an excellent place to start.

a. Accessing Your Profile

b. Overview of Bluescape Home

3. Moving Around in a Workspace

There are a few ways to move around in your workspace. You can use your mouse, your keyboard arrow keys, and if you’re on a touch device, you can use a pen or your fingers to navigate your way through a workspace.

a. Discover Keyboard Shortcuts

b. Bluescape Workspace Navigation Guide

c. Touch Gestures for Navigating the Workspace

4. Creating Content in Bluescape

Bring your big ideas to life in Bluescape. You can draw and add shapes, notecards, images, videos, and more. Turn individual elements into your big-picture for others to see. Learn what’s available to you in the Workspace Content Toolbar and discover the tools helping teams produce their best work.

a. Writing and Drawing in a Workspace Using the Pen Tool

b. Add Shapes, Lines, or Arrows to a Workspace

c. Adding a Notecard to a Workspace

d. Adding Text to a Workspace

e. Adding Content from a Computer to a Workspace

f. Using Workspace Templates

g. Creating a Canvas

5. Connecting Virtually

Staying in touch globally nowadays is easier than ever. Some tools are excellent for video calls and fun emojis, while others enable teams to organize their workload. Bluescape allows you to do both and more all in one place.

a. Hosting a Meeting from Bluescape

b. Joining a Meeting from Bluescape

c. Joining a Webex, Zoom or Other Meeting Applications in Bluescape

6. Collaborating in a Workspace

Bluescape is a powerful way for individuals, teams, and organizations to work together in a single workspace. Collaboration in Bluescape means working on content simultaneously to share thoughts and feedback and actively discuss projects in real-time from wherever you are.

Discover the tools and features that make real-time remote collaboration possible.

a. Viewing Active Collaborators in a Workspace

b. Shared Cursors in a Workspace

c. Leading and Following Collaborators in a Workspace

d. Presenting Content through Bluescape

e. Commenting on Assets in a Workspace

f. Adding Reactions to Workspace Content

g. Adding a Timer to the Workspace

7. Practicing Your New Skills in a Workspace

Now it’s time to take everything you’ve learned here and put it into practice.

Go to Bluescape and open your workspace titled “Unititled workspace”. If this is your first time accessing this workspace, once you open it up, a Welcome tour will automatically populate. Read and follow the prompts by clicking Next to discover what each element in the workspace represents.

Once you’ve completed the Welcome tour you can start practicing your new skills right in the workspace through the Welcome modal.

Welcome modal options:
Learn the basics Follow interactive prompts to get hands-on practice using workspace tools.
Start with a template Browse the template library and select one that inspires you.
Blank whiteboard Imagine and experiment freely from a blank canvas.

Both the Welcome tour and the Welcome modal can be accessed later through the workspace help menu if you’ve clicked out of it.

  1. Click on the question mark (Help) in the top right of your workspace.
  2. To access the Welcome tour, click Welcome tour.
  3. To access the Welcome modal, click Start creating…

Congratulations, you now know all the basics.

Where to Next?

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