Getting Started

How to Get Started Using Bluescape

Are you ready to start using Bluescape? In this topic, you will learn about the dashboard we refer to as Bluescape Home, the Workspace, and how to leverage our Bluescape Community.

1. Moving Around in a Workspace

There are a few ways to move around in your workspace. You can use your mouse, keyboard, or arrow keys, and if you’re on a touch device, you can use a pen or your fingers to navigate your way through a workspace.
Navigating a workspace

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a. Discover Keyboard Shortcuts

b. Bluescape Workspace Navigation Guide (Web)

c. Touch Gestures for Navigating the Workspace (Wall)

2. Collaborating in a Workspace

Bluescape is a powerful way for individuals, teams, and organizations to work together in a single workspace. Collaboration in Bluescape means working on content simultaneously to share thoughts and feedback and actively discussing projects in real time from wherever you are.

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Discover the tools and features that make real-time remote collaboration possible.

a. Sharing Your Workspace

b. Hosting a Meeting from Bluescape

c. Lead Meetings and Follow Collaborators in a Workspace

d. Presenting Content through Bluescape

e. Commenting on Assets in a Workspace

f. React to Workspace Content Using Emojis

3. Creating Content in Bluescape

Bring your big ideas to life in Bluescape. You can draw and add shapes, notecards, images, videos, and more. Turn individual elements into your big-picture for others to see. Learn what’s available to you in the :art: Workspace Content Toolbar :hammer_and_wrench: and discover the tools helping teams produce their best work.

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a. Adding Content from a Computer to a Workspace

b. Using Workspace Templates

Congratulations, you now know all the basics. Now it’s time to take everything you’ve learned here and put it into practice. Go to Bluescape and dive into a workspace.

Now, go try it in your workspace! :bluescape_home: