Wacom Softbundle FAQ

Support Note
This topic is only applicable if you have purchased an applicable Wacom device and activated your Bluescape account before May 1, 2024.

Program Overview

Bluescape offers three free months of Bluescape Pro to Wacom customers who purchase select devices. These devices include:

  • One by Wacom
  • Wacom One
  • Wacom Intuous
  • Cintiq Pro

Why Bluescape for Wacom?

Intuitive sketching and navigation: Enjoy the same pen-to-paper drawing experience on Bluescape’s user-friendly interface. Bluescape is optimized for use with Wacom devices, making it easy to annotate, find, select, move, and rearrange items quickly.

High-quality images: Bluescape preserves pixel-perfect image quality so you can zoom into every detail and create visually stunning mood boards, artboards, and review boards for your projects.

Online whiteboard: Sketch ideas, add sticky notes and diagrams, and annotate images, drawings, and illustrations. Quickly illustrate an idea or process, give creative direction, review changes, and get approvals.

Seamless collaboration: See all your content in one place so you can easily share your work without switching between screens and devices. You can also host video meetings within Bluescape so you can meet and present your ideas and gather feedback.

Security and privacy: Your images and data are safe and secure with Bluescape’s enterprise-ready security measures, giving you peace of mind while working on sensitive projects.

How does Bluescape “work with” Wacom?

Wacom devices work out of the box with Bluescape. Customers can use select Wacom devices (One by Wacom, Intuos, Wacom One) to write and draw in a workspace.

Wacom’s high-end product, Cintiq Pro, can act as a second monitor, so you can move the Bluescape app to run there if desired. The Cintiq Pro pen has a pen tip, an eraser tip, and two buttons. You can set up custom behaviors for the tips and controls in the Wacom Tablet app (for Bluescape).

For example, you can set the eraser to the “E” keystroke to quickly use the eraser, “V” to enter select mode, and “H” to quickly enter pan mode. Cintiq Pro devices are touch-capable, which works well with Bluescape web and native clients, allowing customers to use pinch/expand for zoom in/out and two fingers to pan in/out.

Wacom also sells an optional accessory called the ExpressKey Remote, which works with several Wacom devices. This device has 17 programmable buttons that can be set to support Bluescape keyboard shortcuts – such as select, pan, erase, shapes, notecards, laser pointer, etc. For all of the Wacom devices, you can still use their keyboards to access hotkeys if you do not have pens or a remote.

How the Softbundle program works:

  1. After you purchase a Wacom device and install the Wacom device driver, you are presented with a handful of device-specific special Wacom Softbundle offers.
  2. Select the Bluescape offer by clicking directly to the signup page from the Wacom site.

Register for the Team product with your credit card. You will receive three months for free before we start billing you monthly.

Note: During the free period, you have the unlimited ability to invite new team members. You receive a bill for these members at the end of the free period.

  • At the end of the free period, you are charged monthly for your subscription at $12 USD per team member. You can cancel at any time, effective at the end of the current pay period.

Can you cancel after you register with your credit card during the free period? What happens?

Yes, you can cancel at any time during the free period.

However, even though it is a 3-month free period, it is based on a monthly subscription. Therefore, if you decide to cancel, it is effective at the end of that month and invalidates the subsequent free months you would have been initially entitled to.

If you cancel after registering your username, you retain your Bluescape GO user account. Your coupon remains valid.

Can you buy the annual Pro subscription instead of the monthly subscription?

Yes; however, the coupon code only applies to monthly subscriptions. If you want to purchase an annual subscription, you can do so after the free period.

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