Using a Wacom Tablet with Bluescape

Wacom tablets allow Bluescape members to make the most of their workspaces by adding intuitive writing and workspace navigation tools. Drawing and writing is as easy as clicking the drawing tool and drawing in the workspace.

The following is a list of currently available compatible Wacom tablet devices.

For the optimal experience when using Bluescape on any Wacom device, choose the Pen navigation option.

Note: Zoom In/Out is sometimes referred to as Scroll In/Out.

The pen can interact with the Bluescape toolbar, pan around the workspace, select, resize, and move assets, and draw with the drawing tool. Pressing the pen to the drawing tablet surface acts as a sustained mouse click. Pressing the lower mouse button and pressing the pen to the drawing surface zooms the workspace based on pen movement; drawing up zooms out, while drawing down zooms in. The upper mouse button is not used. If Windows Ink is active, you can use the pen to edit text with the Windows Inking framework.

For multi-touch devices, you can use the touch surface to interact with the Bluescape toolbar, pan and zoom in and out of a workspace, select, resize, and move objects, and draw with the drawing tool. Double tap the workspace with your finger to pan around the workspace. Single tap an object to select it. Double tap a selected object to move it.

Display Devices

Wacom devices with built-in displays perform similarly to their non-display counterparts. In addition, the display allows for higher levels of accuracy when interacting with the workspace.

Known Issues

The Windows on-screen keyboard may accidentally display if Windows Ink is active and a text element is selected, then deselected by tapping the workspace with the pen.

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