Configuring Wacom for Bluescape

This guide covers basic settings for Bluescape for Wacom products; Wacom Intuos and Wacom One for both Mac and Microsoft Windows.

Setting up the Wacom device - Intuos and Wacom One

  1. Download and install the Wacom Driver for Mac or Microsoft Windows from
    Driver Download -

  2. MacOS Installation - Setting security preferences

  • Note when opening the file you may receive the following error. This is part of the security settings on macOS. Select OK on the error message then right-select on the downloaded file and select “Open”
  • If your Wacom device is not working properly, visit the Wacom Help page for troubleshooting Security and Privacy Permissions.

    Privacy Permissions
  1. For Windows installation, follow the prompts and plug the tablet in after installation.
  2. Optimizing Wacom for your PC with Windows Ink:
    Windows Ink is a software/service that handles Pens such as styli or pens from graphic tablets. It offers various applications such as Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, etc).
    a. Open the Start menu.
    b. Select the Settings icon (Settings) icon.
    c. In the Settings window, select Devices:

    Devices dialog Windows

d. In the Devices window, Select Pen & Windows Ink. You only see this if a Wacom driver has been installed or you are on a pen enabled machine like a Windows Surface.

Pen & Windows Ink dialog box

e. Adjust the settings to match the configuration below:

Setting Description
Choose which hand to write with These settings control how the pen orientation is recognized.
Show Visual Effects Recommended: Disabled These settings control visual effects that are displayed during various Pen interactions. Disabling it allow to hide the ripple circle effect when ing
Show Cursors Recommended: Disabled
Let me use my pen as a mouse in some desktop apps Recommended: Enabled These settings allow the graphic tablet pen to send regular mouse inputs.

f. Pen and Touch settings can be accessed in the Control Panel: Open Start Menu.
Note: Pen setting can be configured based on your most used workflows.

g. Type Control Panel and select the first search result.
h. Switch the Control Panel display mode to Small icons

Small icons select

i. Select Pen and Touch settings.

Pen and Touch settings

j. To access the settings, on one of the pen action in the window and then on the settings button.
Settings button location

Setting Description
Single-tap No parameters
Double-tap Recommended: Default values
Press and hold Recommended: Disable the setting Enable press and hold for right-ing Disabling this setting allows you to drag any element normally without activating the Windows drag circle:
Use the pen button as a right-equivalent Recommended: Enabled
Use the top of the pen to erase ink (where available) Recommended: Enabled

Understanding how the Wacom Intuos works with your screen


Hold a Wacom pen exactly as you would any standard writing tool. Be aware that the side button(s) has functions that can be augmented to suit your needs, but it can be distracting as you learn how to use the pen if you press it accidentally.

Pen tablets like the One by Wacom, and Intuos, map each corner of the active area on the tablet to the corresponding corner of your display area.

With one monitor, the tablet’s upper left corner corresponds to the upper left corner of the display, and the lower right corner of the tablet is the lower right corner of the display. Placing the pen in the tablet center positions the cursor in the center of the display.

In a multiple monitor environment, placing your pen in the tablet’s upper left corner places your cursor in the upper left corner of your leftmost display. Placing the pen in the lower right corner of the tablet puts the cursor in the lower right corner of the right-most display. This can cause your writing and drawing to become stretched, but this can be overcome by adjusting your pen mapping or using the display toggle.


The cursor jumps to the corresponding screen location as soon as the pen comes within 1 cm of the tablet. You can move the cursor as long as your pen is within this range.

Hover feature

Pen Pressure

Pen pressure is not currently supported within Bluescape.


Touching the pen to the tablet when over a file selects the file as if you have left-ed on it. While touching the pen to the tablet and moving the pen tip drags the file or draw a selection box, just like ing and dragging the mouse.

Drag feature


Rapidly tapping twice with the pen tip on a file acts as a double .

Double-select feature


By default, the pen button furthest from the tip is a right-. Activated by pressing the button while hovering over the tablet within the centimeter “hover” range.

Right-select feature


The side switch on the pen closest to the tip is set to scroll by default, so you can hold the front pen switch and move the pen up and down on the screen to scroll through documents or browsers. Both ends can be configured to suit your needs and for selected applications.

Scroll feature

What’s included with Bluescape settings files

Wacom One

Pen button set to Zoom for:

  • Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome (Windows)
  • Safari, Firefox, Chrome (Mac)
    Wacom One setup

Intuos Tablet Buttons

Left to right orientation:

  1. Display Toggle – toggles the mapping of the display and tablet to a specific screen
  2. Escape – ESC
  3. Duplicate - CTRL + D
  4. Eraser - E
    Intuous Tablet Button setup

Intuos Pen Buttons

Top to bottom:

  1. Zoom
  2. Pan - Spacebar
    Intuos Pen Button setup

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