February 2022 Release Notes Summary

Support Note
Some features included in this release may not apply to your Organization. If you’re unsure whether your Organization has a particular feature, please reach out to your IT department.

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Bluescape’s New Self-Serve Model (Web)

Everything these days is on-demand. Food, groceries, TV shows, etc. Why should it be any different for the tools you use for work? Enter Bluescape’s new self-serve model!

You can now sign up for a free trial with our new self-serve pricing packages.

Choose a free trial from either our Teams or Business package and start inviting users and collaborating in a workspace right away. The free trial period is 120 days, and there is no limit to how many team members or visitors you add or workspaces you create.

Are you and your team loving the Bluescape experience? You can easily upgrade to a subscription plan within the product. Once subscribed, you can manage the number of licenses purchased, as well as the roles assigned to members of your team.

Did we mention there is no limit to the number of visitors you can invite to your workspaces? You heard that right - more people equals more collaboration. So spread the fun and share your Bluescape workspace with anyone!

UX Improvements (Web)

We’ve got big heart eyes for the new UX improvements this release. :heart_eyes:

1) Right-click in a workspace or on an object to open the options menu.

2. New icons to help distinguish the pen cursor Pen and eraser. Eraser

3. Draw a straight line with the pen tool by holding down the Shift key.

4. More control with layered objects. Move objects forward or backward by one layer.

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 3.21.13 PM

Learn more: Group Selecting Assets (Web)

5. Cut and Paste.

In addition to copying and pasting content in a workspace, we’ve added the option to cut and paste.

Learn more: How to Copy, Cut, and Paste Assets in a Workspace (Web)

6. Zoom to selection using Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 9.14.48 AM and Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 9.14.55 AM controls at the bottom right of your workspace.

Bluescape Meeting Improvements :woman_technologist: (Web and Wall)

Call it a gift from Cupid, here to give you even more meeting features to love!

You can now host or join ad hoc meetings and scheduled meetings in Bluescape with a single click. Schedule meetings using our Outlook plugin, copy meeting information from My Bluescape or directly from a workspace, and share with your desired participants. Ad hoc or scheduled, Bluescape meetings have you covered.

Every meeting now contains an automatically generated meeting workspace for participants to collaborate and share content. This meeting workspace is accessible through our new tabbed meeting style. Switch between the Bluescape Meeting tab or the Meeting Workspace tab to increase collaboration and productivity.

Don’t worry about anyone feeling left out of a meeting! Bluescape users and visitors can join meetings with respect to their permission settings.

Additionally, we’ve added a speaker view so you can see who is talking at any moment in the meeting. We’ve also introduced a voice focus setting to minimize the amount of background noise you hear when participants’ mics are on. This feature is toggled ON by default.

Learn More: Hosting a Meeting from Bluescape

Notable Bug Fixes & Improvements

Group Select Objects in a Canvas

Last release, users experienced issues group-selecting objects in a canvas. When you’d group select objects in a canvas, the canvas was automatically selected along with the intended objects. This was not the desired behavior.

:bug: Bug Fix: We’ve resolved this issue from the previous release, and now only the intended objects are selected.

Learn More: Group Selecting Assets (Web)

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