March 2024 Release Notes Summary

Support Note
Some features included in this release may not apply to your team. If you’re unsure whether your team has a certain feature, contact your IT department.
These changes are scheduled to go live on Thursday, March 7, 2024 after 10 am PST for impacted teams.


Comment indicators

Comment visibility has been improved by displaying indicators on objects with comments. Additionally, a comment count appears for unread comments that you have been mentioned in. If you prefer to view the workspace without comment indicators, they can be turned off locally via the workspace settings menu.

Learn More: Commenting on Assets

Present an entire canvas

Presenting an entire canvas

Selecting :present: (present) from a canvas toolbar pulls the entire canvas and the content within the canvas into presentation mode. The first view of the presentation shows the whole canvas, followed by the individual views of each item within the canvas.

Learn More: Presenting Content in Bluescape

Multiple active browsers

Multiple active browsers

You can have unlimited websites (iFrames) active in your workspace when using Bluescape via a web browser, making navigating between content and building powerful dashboards easier.

Note: Only websites that support iFrame can be loaded in the workspace. Those that do not support iFrame will need to be opened in a new tab.

Learn More: Adding Browser Content to a Workspace

Modified shape behavior

Additional basic shapes have been added to the shapes menu to replace the previous ability to mirror shapes. If you would like a shape that faces a different direction, for example, a triangle, add a new shape already facing that direction.

Learn More: Adding Basic Shapes to a Workspace

Notable Bug Fixes & Improvements

Idle user timeout

To maintain our excellent security, if you do not interact with a workspace or Bluescape Home for 15 minutes and still have your browser open, the session times out, and you must log in again.

Note: User timeout does not apply to all Bluescape users. If you are curious if idle user timeout will be enabled in your environment, please reply below.

Improved diagramming with the quick connect menu

Quick connect menu

Flowcharts and diagrams are more accessible to build when using the quick connect function after placing a shape. Place your first shape and add a line from the blue node on the side of the shape. After adding the line, the quick connect menu opens automatically to allow you to select the next shape in your diagram.

Right-click paste will paste at the cursor location

Right-click paste example

An advantage to using right-click paste in the workspace is the ability to paste an object in a specified location. If you paste using CTRL/CMD + V, the object(s) are pasted in the middle of the screen. When using right-click paste, the object are placed at the cursor’s location.

Arrow key modifications

Arrow key movement

When using the arrow keys to move selected content, two increments of movement are available. The selected content moves in small increments (1/8th of a grid square) using only the arrow keys. While using arrow keys + Shift, the content moves in larger increments (1 grid square).

Hotkeys displayed on the workspace settings menu

Hotkeys in workspace settings menu

The workspace settings menu has been updated to include any keyboard shortcut available for actions included in the menu.

Learn more: Keyboard Shortcuts

Amazon icon update

The icon library has been updated to condense all AWS icons into a single category. Users may use the search function in the icon library to search for icons across all AWS sub-categories.

:bug: Bug fix: Moving an object by its title ignores alignment settings

When moving an object by its title, the alignment settings did not appear to help guide users in organizing content. This issue has been resolved, and all alignment settings are respected regardless of how an object is moved.

:bug: Bug fix: Show snapping for lines and strokes

Previously, alignment guides and object ‘snapping’ did not appear for lines and strokes. This behavior has been restored and functions as expected.

:bug: Bug fix: PDF hidden layers are shown in workspace

An issue was resolved where layers hidden before uploading a PDF to a workspace were being shown in the workspace. Now, hidden layers are respected and do not appear when the document is uploaded to a workspace.

:bug: Bug fix: Unable to open documents in embedded links

This behavior has been addressed, and users can now open documents in embedded links.

Learn more: Cannot open Documents in Embedded Links

:bug: Bug fix: Dimension bubble remains when panning a workspace

Occasionally, after selecting or resizing an element, the dimension bubble would remain visible when panning the workspace. This issue has been resolved, and the dimension bubble now disappears after resizing or interacting with the object.

That’s all for this update. You’re ready to dive in! :bluescape_home: