September 2021 Release Notes Summary

Support Note
Some features included in this release may not apply to your Organization. If you’re unsure whether your Organization has a certain feature, please reach out to your IT department.


Reactions/Emojis ️‍🔥

Share the love for great ideas and work by adding emojis to content in a workspace. Available from the object menu, select your reaction and watch the count increase as other users choose their reactions. This is also a great method to facilitate simple voting sessions!

Improved Navigation in the Workspace (Web and Wall)

You can now get an even closer look at your workspace content by zooming in as far as 400% so that no fine detail is missed. Additionally, we’ve also made resize handles available regardless of how far you zoom out.

You can now view the entire scope of your content in a workspace at a glance by clicking on the Zoom to Content button beside the zoom scale.

Annotations on Notecards and Shapes (Web and Wall)

Use the pen tool to annotate on notecards and shapes from any divide.

To learn more read about the Pen tool in Workspace Content Toolbar

BluePro Tip: Open your workspace through the Bluescape iPad app for a seamless drawing experience.

Group Resize

Canvases are now included in group select resize capabilities.

For more information: Group Selecting Assets (Web)

New Templates Added

Seventeen new templates were added including Brand Identity Matrix, Conduct a Brainstorm, Lean UX Canvas, Daily Standup, Value Stream Mapping, Voting Cards, and more!

Note: Templates will automatically be updated when an Organization Admin visits the Configuration Center after a product update.

Browse all Templates or share a custom template Made By You.

Notable Bug Fixes & Improvements

Bluescape Meeting Improvements

Bluescape meetings keep getting better and better. New this month includes even more host controls, voice focus to remove background noise, and more.

Added Keyboard Shortful for Leading

Lead a workspace quicker with the new keyboard shortcut: Alt + L using a Windows PC or Option + L using a Mac.

Jump topics for a full list of Keyboard Shortcuts.

Text Improvements

We addressed formatting differences between view and edit mode of text boxes and bullet point formatting is respected when text is pasted from an external tool.

Where to Next?

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