November 2021 Release Notes Summary

Support Note
Some features included in this release may not apply to your Organization. If you’re unsure whether your Organization has a certain feature, please reach out to your IT department.


45 New Templates Added

The template library continues to grow, we’ve added 45 new templates this month! We’ve also increased the element limit to 1000, so you can add so many more elements into your custom templates. Talk about template magic. :sparkles:

Discover all Templates or share a custom template Made By You.

Attach Mode Enhancement

Access attach mode through the object context menu. The object border will highlight pink signifying you are in attach mode. Learn more about this enhancement.

Learn more: Attaching Workspace Assets

Universal Mobile Links

If you have the Bluescape app downloaded to your mobile device and open a Bluescape link (meeting and workspace URLs) the link will open in the app instead of the browser.

Configuration Center, My Bluescape | User Groups

Connect Active Directory (AD) groups to your Bluescape organization. User groups allow admins to manage users through AD groups, which sync regularly to Bluescape. Users can add groups to workspaces and mention groups in workspace comments.

Learn more: Managing Groups in an Organization.

Note: If you’d like to connect AD groups to Bluescape contact your IT administrator.

Meeting Recordings (BETA)

The ability to record your Bluescape meetings has arrived! :movie_camera: Start and control your audio recordings through the meeting panel.

Note: Contact your IT administrator if meeting recordings are not available for your organization.

Notable Bug Fixes & Improvements

Viewer and Commenter Interaction Updates

Viewers and Commenters in a workspace are now able to page through documents and play videos in a workspace.

Paste Option for Text and Notecards

When pasting text from an external source, users will be presented an option to choose whether the
text is pasted in a notecard or textbox.

Text Improvements

We’ve resolved issues when editing blank lines and you can now increase the width of a text box upon initial creation (9 characters to 35 characters).

Where to Next?

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