January 2022 Release Notes Summary

Support Note
Some features included in this release may not apply to your Organization. If you’re unsure whether your Organization has a certain feature, please reach out to your IT department.

New Year, New Release! Learn more about what’s improved in the product this month.

Notable Bug Fixes & Improvements

Meeting Improvements :woman_technologist:

Hosting meetings in Bluescape just got simpler! With even more meeting options available to hosts (and even more on the way :wink:), we’ve created a simplified menu with easy-to-use options. These options include recording the meeting, muting all participants, toggling ON or OFF audio notifications and video receiving, and more!

Learn More: Host Controls for Bluescape Meetings

:bug: Bug Fix: With the recent Chrome update, there was an issue with the attendee’s video feeds. The feed would suddenly drop off and attendees would automatically rejoin the meeting. We’ve addressed this and video feeds now function as intended.

Bulk Upload Ordering Improvements :film_strip:

No more jumbled-order uploads! By popular request, we’ve improved the way in which files are selected and uploaded through the Add Content menu on the workspace toolbar. When you upload files from a folder on your computer through the Add Content menu, the files will be placed in a workspace in the order that they are sorted on your operating system (Size, date, name, etc.).

Note: This functionality does not apply to the drag and drop method for adding content.

Learn more: Adding Content from a Computer to a Workspace (Web)

Text Improvements :abc:

Now, when you type a URL into a text box the URL will automatically be recognized and hyperlinked. Much like any other automatic hyperlinking function, all you have to do is type our your preferred URL followed by a space and the hyperlink will then be recognized. Super Easy!

:bug: Bug Fix: We’ve resolved the issue from the previous release where pasted text in notecards appeared differently between the view and edit modes.

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