August 2022 Release Notes Summary

Support Note
Some features in this release may not apply to your team/organization. Please get in touch with your IT department if you’re unsure whether your team/organization has a certain feature.
These changes are scheduled to go live on Friday, August 12 after 9 pm PST for impacted organizations.

August has been a big month of highs and lows. As temperatures continue to rise across the country, people are struggling to keep their cool. Mainly because of the fall of their beloved Choco Taco (RIP :headstone:) that is taking the internet by storm.

To keep you distracted until your next summer ice cream fix, Bluescape is serving up some cool new features in our August release.


Raise Hand in Bluescape Meetings :raised_hand:

Bluescape is excited to introduce a Raise Hand option to Bluescape meetings. Every meeting participant can now raise or lower their hand. Any participant raising their hand is sorted to the top of the group for the host to call on them to participate. A image (Raise hand) icon appears next to their name. Once called upon, the participant’s hand lowers automatically after three seconds of speaking. The host also has the option to lower a raised hand.

raise hand
lower hand
host controls

Learn more:

Video Frame Commenting :video:

This new feature allows you to add comments to a video placed in a workspace. Users can reply in-line and tag other users in their comments. Comment sorting is available by timestamp or frame, and users can navigate between commented video frames.

Learn More: Commenting on Assets (Web)

Auto-Detect Navigation :compass:

Bluescape is pleased to introduce an auto-detect navigation feature. When Auto is selected, Bluescape automatically detects whether you’re using a mouse, trackpad, or touch device. Users also can manually select which device they would like to use.

Learn more: Bluescape Navigation Guide

Adobe Stock and Shutterstock added to Popsync Image Search image

Bluescape has added Popsync image search results from Adobe Stock and Shutterstock to the existing list of image providers for Bluescape Team, Business, and Enterprise Users.

Learn more: Using the Popsync Feature in a Bluescape Workspace

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Easy Deletion of Canvas Content after Canvas Deletion :delete:

Previously, after deleting a canvas in your workspace, the objects on the canvas remained and were cumbersome to delete. Now, when you delete a canvas, the objects on the canvas are automatically highlighted for easy deletion.

Canvas Delete

Learn more: How to Nest, Edit, Hyperlink to, Copy, Delete, or Search for a Canvas

Personal Meeting Room and Personal URL Updates :handshake:

The August update enhances your Personal Meeting Room and your Personal URL. Now, Bluescape members can complete the following tasks:

  • Receive their own meeting room associated with their Personal Meeting Room URL accessible using My Bluescape
  • Anonymous users may access meetings for the duration of the meeting (40-minute limit)
  • Enabled cross-tab messaging for notifications and leader-follower
  • Paid subscription users can now access the Bluescape Microsoft Outlook Plugin
  • Meeting hosts can disable anonymous access and meetings where access is disabled at the Organization level

Learn more: Creating a Personal Meeting Room

Reinstate One-Finger Pan Using Wall :send_to_wall:

You asked, and we listened! We’ve returned the ability to pan the Wall using one finger. The Wall now navigates with tablet-like panning functionality.

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Love this added in-product how-to :blue_heart: Tells me exactly how to use the new video frame comments while I’m in my workspace working. Thank you!

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