July 2022 Release Notes Summary

Support Note
Some features included in this release may not apply to your team/organization. If you’re unsure whether your team/organization has a certain feature, please reach out to your IT department.

Summer and vacations are here, and July is a perfect time to celebrate! When we think of July, we think of fireworks, BBQs, warm summer evenings, family get-togethers, and picnics.

We’ve been hard at work on some fireworks-worthy updates of our own! We’ve added a ton of new and updated functionality to enhance your Bluescape experience. How are you going to use these new features? We’d love to hear your feedback below. Press the reply button at the bottom and let us know what you think! :fireworks:


Popsync Feature in Bluescape :poppy:

You can now save time finding high-quality images by searching multiple image sources simultaneously using Bluescape’s new image search feature called Popsync.

  • Users can now search for images using the Popsync search field. Results are now laid out and organized within the Bluescape workspace
  • Images from your search are organized in canvases based on the image source
  • Users are able to select which image sources to choose from
  • Users that search from Popsync.io have the Popsync search results added to a draft workspace
  • When a user chooses to save or share their workspace, they receive a prompt to enter their email address
  • The user then receives an email with a prompt to register or sign on to Bluescape
  • After the sign-up/sign-on process is complete, users can claim their workspace
  • The Popsync search icon adds to the Workspace Toolbar, making Popsync available to existing Bluescape users

Learn More:

Laser Pointer :laser_pointer:

In the July release, we’ve added a laser pointer to your workspace that gives you the ability to use temporary, ephemeral strokes in the workspace to enhance audience focus during presentations. Collaborator laser pointer strokes are also available. During presentations, the workspace leader can disable this feature for collaborators.
Laser Pointer Demo

Learn more: Using the Laser Pointer in your Workspace

Workspace Icon Library (Web) :panda_face:

Bluescape is excited to enhance our current collection of icons in the July release by adding a library of ~10,000 searchable, customizable, categorized SVG icons from AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and MovieLabs.

Learn more: Using the Workspace Icon Library

Personal Meeting Room URL :handshake:

Editable personal URLs are now available! A one-time popup appears for existing users, allowing them to select their URL. New Bluescape members have the ability to create a personal meeting room name during the sign-up process. Existing Bluescape members may claim their reserved personal meeting room name or select one.

Anyone can join the Personalized Meeting Room URL with a link. The URL is formatted as follows:

bluescape.io/[your personal meeting room url]

Bluescape members who reserved their personal URL may claim ownership at login:
claim personal url

If you are a Bluescape member and did not reserve a Personal URL or you wish to edit your Personal Meeting Room:

  1. Go to My Bluescape Home.
  2. Select Profile. The Personal preferences screen appears.
  3. Enter your new Personal Meeting Room ID.
  4. Press Save changes.
    update personal meeting room id

Note: This update does not impact meetings already on your schedule.

Learn more: Creating a Personal Meeting Room

Enterprise License Tracking :railway_track:

Enterprise administrators can now see how many Bluescape licenses are being used by their organization. To access:

  1. Open the Configuration Center.
  2. Select the Users tab. The Licensed user summary appears.
  3. To download a .CSV copy, select the Download button.

Notable Improvements :dark_sunglasses:

Easily add connectors to objects :add_connecting_line:

We’ve enhanced the way that connectors work. Now, you can easily duplicate connecting objects by selecting the blue dot above an object, and you can easily connect existing shapes by dragging your cursor from one object to another:

add connectors to objects

Connect to a canvas using web connector lines :canvas:

Previously, you were unable to connect to a canvas using connector lines. This functionality is now present with the July 2022 release.

Learn more: Adding Shapes, Lines, and Arrows to a Workspace

Updated pan tool experience :pan:

We’ve also augmented the Pan tool experience. The Pan tool and the new Select tool now appear in the toolbar at the left of the page for ease of use. If you have the select tool enabled, and you right-select and hold in your workspace, the pan tool is temporarily enabled.

Learn more: Workspace Content Toolbar

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