July 2023 Release Notes Summary

Support Note
Some features included in this release may not apply to your team/organization. If you’re unsure whether your team/organization has a certain feature, please reach out to your IT department.
These changes are scheduled to go live on Thursday, July 13 after 9 pm PST for impacted organizations.

Hotter than the July sun :sun_with_face: and cooler than the other side of the pillow :bed: , Bluescape’s July 2023 release is here to take your collaboration game to the next level! With new features and improvements, it’s time to jump in and experience the future of teamwork. Don’t wait; try them out now and start making magic happen! :sunglasses:


Persistent Shapes menu

Persistent Shapes menu in the workspace
The :shapes: (Shapes) menu has been made persistent, allowing for the placement of multiple shapes without entering text edit mode. To access text edit mode click the text icon or press return/enter on a keyboard to enter into edit mode after placing a shape.

Learn More: Adding Default Shapes to a Workspace

Enhanced Icon library

The Icon Library now has more options and easier access
The Icon library updates provide improved navigation of the icon categories available and allow users to add them to the :shapes: (Shapes) menu for easy access. Users can also search through an extensive selection of icons and include them in the Recently used section of the Shapes menu.

Learn More: Using the Workspace Icon Library

Layering of lines

Layered lines demo
Users can now adjust the layering of lines, both connected and unconnected in a workspace. After selecting a line, it can be moved forward and backward in relation to surrounding workspace objects allowing for improved workspace organization.

Learn More: Adding Default Shapes to a Workspace

Line routing

Easily move your connector lines to create great flow charts
Line routing has been introduced, enabling smooth pivot and movement of lines within a workspace. Users now have more control and flexibility in arranging and organizing their content, making collaboration and visual communication easier.

Learn More: Adding Lines, Line Connectors, and Modifying Line Routing

Hide toolbars in a workspace

This new feature allows users to toggle on or off the workspace toolbars to create a clutter-free interface and focused environment while working or presenting. Optionally, users can also select Ctrl+\ (Windows), or Command+\ (Mac) to turn the toolbars on and off.

Learn More: Workspace Settings and Details

Notable Improvements & Bug Fixes

Non-Editors can now lead a workspace

Those that do not have the workspace Editor role can now lead a workspace. This allows for greater flexibility in granting access to presentations.

Learn More: Workspace Roles

Color selector updates

Color selector demo
The ability to change the color of an object in the workspace is now available in a single color menu both when you have the object selected and in edit mode.

Object toolbar visibility

Previously, the control bar for objects may have disappeared when zooming in on them. With this improvement, the control bar remains visible regardless of the zoom level, providing users consistent access to object controls.

Box drive sharing

Bluescape Pro and Business tiers under the self-serve product model now have seamless integration with Box and OneDrive accounts via the Popsync library, enabling shared repository access for team members without the need for admin configuration.

Learn More: Using Box with Popsync

Drag lines to any point without snapping to an object

You can drag a line anywhere without it snapping to an object by holding CTRL
Users can now drag lines or connectors to any point without them snapping to the side of an object. By holding the CTRL (CMD on Mac OS) key, users can freely position the line anywhere, making it easier to pinpoint and align with a specific spot on an object.

Learn More: Adding Lines, Line Connectors, and Modifying Line Routing

Updated style icon

To avoid confusion with the menu item for “Bold”, the “B” icon for accessing the text style menu has been modified, clearly indicating that it opens a menu with available style options. The new icon appears as :text_style: in the product moving forward.

Learn More: Workspace Toolbar

Canvases can now exist without names

The canvas name can be removed for presentation purposes

Based on customer feedback, users now have the option to remove a canvas name after placing it in the workspace for greater flexibility in canvas organization. Users can also add a name to an unnamed canvas using the :more_options: (Workspace settings) menu > Properties > Rename.

Learn More: Creating a Canvas

:bug: Bug Fix: Input selection for live video

Previously, when you attempted to add live content to a workspace, you had to select our input twice to have the live content appear in your workspace. This issue is resolved in the July update.

Learn more: Selecting Input Source when Sharing Live Content Requires Additional Input Selection

:bug: Bug Fix: Download canvas icon present for viewers and commenters

We’ve corrected a permissions issue where a user with the Viewer or Commenter role accessed a canvas in a workspace, and a download icon was present.

Learn more: Popsync Canvas has a Download Icon for the Viewer/Commenter Roles

:bug: Bug Fix: Animated GIFs now appear as expected in a workspace

In previous versions of Bluescape, GIFs added to a workspace were not animated properly. They are now functioning as expected.

Learn more: Group of Animated GIFs are not Playing in a Worksapce

:bug: Bug Fix: Laser pointer enabled for all users when someone is presenting while another leader is in the workspace

We’ve fixed an issue with laser pointers being present for all users when a user takes the lead in a group of 3 or more and another user, who is not leading, starts a local presentation.

Learn more: Laser Pointer Enables for All Users when Someone is Presenting While Another Leader is in the Worksapce

:bug: Bug Fix: Keyboard shortcut CTRL+D consistency

Previously, users may have seen inconsistent results when attempting to duplicate workspace assets using the CTRL+D shortcut key. The shortcut now works as expected.

Learn more: Duplicating Assets on a Canvas Using the CTRL+D Keyboard Shortcut is Inconsistent

:bug: Bug Fix: Local presenter enters “Drift” mode when exiting a local presentation.

A bug that resulted in the undesired activation of “Drift” mode when exiting presentation mode while hosting a local presentation is now resolved. This fix ensures a seamless transition and improves the overall user experience.

Learn more: Local Presenter Enters Drift Mode when Exiting a Local Presentation

:bug: Bug Fix: Presentation followers can now access the Play button to view live content

We have resolved a bug in Bluescape that previously caused the Play button to be unresponsive when viewing live content as a follower in a workspace. With this month’s release, you can now expect the Play button to function correctly, allowing seamless playback of live content.

Learn more: Followers are Unable to Select the Play Button to View Live Content

:bug: Bug Fix: Favorited workspace now appears in Favorites and in your Org

In previous versions, “favoriting” a workspace would cause the workspace to not appear in your Favorites list on Bluescape Home or as a workspace within your Organization. This issue is now resolved, and accessing favorite workspaces now functions as expected.

Learn more: A “Favorited” Workspace does not Appear in the Favorites Section of Bluescape Home or the Org List

That’s all for this update. You’re ready to dive in! :bluescape_home:




Thank you Bluescape team

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