July 2023 API Release Notes

Support Note
Release 23.07.01
Learn More: July 2023 Release Notes Summary

New API Changes

  1. Improved graphQL documentation in playground
  2. Added element reactions query, mutations and subscriptions to allow reading/setting element reactions (fire, thumbs up, thumbs down). This very useful for calculating/setting user reactions on elements programmatically.
  3. Added lockedAt query filter to OrganizationFilters and subscription event

v3 Known Issues


  • PATCH for Browser: after modifying height/width, the preview image does not scale or changes (WEBC-10223)
  • Getting status code 200 OK while updating elements with type only and no actual changes (ELE-677).
  • cropping is not working when creating a new image element (ELE-1026)

GraphQL APIs

  • Stroke scale does not account for stroke brushWidth (ELE-622)
  • totalItems field returns null when passed as part of a fragment (AD-11423)
  • GraphQL gateway returns error code 500 for other backend errors, such as 401, 403, 404, it is necessary to examine error message in detail to get correct error (AD-11474)
  • Not able to crop the image with createImage mutation (ELE-1026)

That’s all for this update. You’re ready to dive in! :arrow_right: :bluescape_home:

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