Using Box with Popsync

Box Drive

As an Enterprise customer, you can add your Box account to allow asset search within your Popsync Image Search results with Bluescape.

Note: Box search is limited to image files only (.jpg/.jpeg, .png, and .tif/.tiff formats).

Adding Box to your Bluescape Integrations

Box integration with Bluescape is a paid add-on feature, and must be enabled by Bluescape. Post a topic to Bluescape Support or Reply below for more information on adding Box to your Popsync Search Providers. You can also Reply to this topic for more information.

Configuring Box in Bluescape

Once Support has enabled your Box integration, configure your setup using the following instructions:

As an Org Admin:

  1. Log on to Bluescape.
  2. From Bluescape Home, open the Config Center by selecting the :settings: (Settings) icon at the upper right.
  3. Select Integrations, then under Box, select Manage.

  4. The Enable Box Search dialog appears. Fill in the following settings:

    Connection Name: Set to your Desired Name - Users see this in their Popsync Search list
    OAuth Client Id - Enter value provided by your Box Administrator
    OAuth Client Secret - Enter value provided by your Box Administrator
    Advanced Features - Enable this Box Instance within Popsync Search - Toggle to On when you want Users to see and be able to use this Search
  5. Select the Advanced tab.
  6. Select your Level Search Folder. You can leave this field empty to include all image files within your Box account in your image search results.
    a. If you would like to specify a folder for access, you can retrieve your Top Level Search folder from the address bar when browsing through files on the Box web app. The address bar shows /folder/0" as the default. If you would like a different folder, browse to that folder and copy the folder from the path:

    Enter that number into the Top Level search folder in the Advanced tab.
  7. Once you have configured your settings, select OK.

Box now appears as a search provider option when using Popsync image search. ’

Enable Box access for multiple users

Organizational Administrators can optionally extend access of a Box account to other users.

  1. As an Org admin, from Bluescape Home, Select Workspace settings > Popsync.
  2. Under Digital asset management integrations, under Box, select Manage.
  3. A popup for Box appears. Toggle on Enable Business account credentials for Popsync
  4. You must enter your OAuth Client ID, OAuth Client Secret, and Business Account ID.
  5. Select Save to apply the changes to your Box Business account in Popsync.

For more information and documentation regarding Box, see the Box Support site.

Now, go try it in your workspace! :bluescape_home: