Laser Pointer Enables for All Users when Someone is Presenting While Another Leader is in the Workspace

In Bluescape, when there are three or more users in the workspace, and one user becomes the leader while another user starts a local presentation, the :laser_pointer: (Laser pointer) feature enables for all users.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Have three or more users in a workspace, for example, User A, User B, and User C.
  2. Have User A become the workspace leader.
  3. Have User B start a local presentation.

Expected result

The :laser_pointer: (Laser pointer) is either enabled for user B only or the :laser_pointer: is enabled for user B either. The :laser_pointer: should not enabled for any other user.

Observed result

The :laser_pointer: pointer becomes enabled for all users. This only occurs if someone is leading in the workspace.

This issue is resolved in the July 2023 (23.07.1) version of Bluescape.

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