Presentation loses synchronization between leader and followers

Occasionally, when the laser pointer is used in presentation mode some followers will fall out of sync with the leaders and will not see presentation slide progress.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Have the leader of a workspace pull content into presentation mode. Followers will automatically enter presentation mode based on the leader’s actions.

  2. On any slide, have the leader use the laser pointer to call attention to information.

  3. The leader will then navigate to the next slide. Followers will observe if their presentation is out of sync or if they continue to follow the leader’s actions.

Expected result

The followers’ view of the presentation remains in sync with the leader’s.

Observed result

Some followers fall out of sync with the leader’s presentation.


There are a few options followers can take to re-sync with the leader’s presentation.

  • Stop/Start following the leader again.
  • Refresh the workspace via the Web browser.
  • Reload the workspace in a new Web browser tab.

If you are experiencing this issue, please react to this topic and help our product team understand the scope of impact on our members. Plus 1

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