Video Pasted from Another Workspace Only Appears for Workspace Leader

In Bluescape, when you attempt to view video pasted from another workspace, the video only plays for the meeting leader.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Navigate to My Bluescape.
  2. Select Start new meeting.
  3. Copy and paste a video from another workspace into this meeting.
  4. Select Play.

Observed results

The video only plays for the meeting leader. If the collaborators stop following, the meeting plays as expected.

Additional Information

Workspaces have a current limitation where video uploads and sync are turned off. Since the video is handled at an organization flag level. If no organization is associated, then this results in no video permission. If content is added to the workspace, the meeting is exited and the workspace is then associated with an organization with video upload & sync enabled, these features function as expected.


As a workaround to this issue, when you add content to the workspace, add directly from a source file as opposed to copying/pasting from another workspace.

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This issue was resolved with the June 2022 (22.06.1) release.

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