Meeting Recording Video Load Becomes Unresponsive in "Processing" State

In Bluescape, when you finish a meeting recording, and you upload the meeting to the workspace, and attempt to play the meeting, the recording becomes unresponsive and appears to be in a “Processing” state.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a workspace and start a workspace standing meeting.
  2. Start a meeting recording.
  3. End the meeting recording.
  4. Observe the recording canvas and try to play the meeting recording.

Expected result

The meeting can be played back successfully following the upload.

Observed result

The recording is unresponsive and stuck in a “Processing” state.

Additional Information

This issue is limited to uploads of Bluescape meeting recordings. Other video asset uploads continue to function as expected. If you are experiencing this issue, please reply to this topic for further instructions from Bluescape Support.

This issue is resolved in Bluescape 23.07.3.

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