Workspace Panning Inconsistencies

I’ve been using Bluescape for two and half weeks. My configuration is a macbook pro, an external apple keyboard, and a BT connected Dell mouse. I’ve had a number of problems (sporadically) with “Panning”. I can activate panning and get a hand as a cursor, but I’m not able to pan. The behavior comes and goes, sometimes it works perfectly and other times, it doesn’t. Is anyone else having this issue? I don’t think its user error because sometimes it works :slight_smile: Thanks.

Hi @Linda_Campbell1,

Thank you for reaching out through the Community. Are there any specific actions that you are performing leading up to the occurrence as it is intermittent? Does this issue only occur when someone is leading the workspace and if your following the leader or ‘Auto Follower Leader’ is toggled on under the ‘Collaborators’ panel? Please note that if someone is leading the workspace and you are following, you will not be able to pan around the workspace.

Another possible reason could be that the mouse is not clean, the optical portion of the mouse is blocked, it’s being placed on a bad surface, has a bad wireless connection, or has failing batteries. As you mentioned you are using a Bluetooth Dell mouse, I would also recommend pairing the mouse to your system an additional time or testing with a different mouse to determine if the issue persists with multiple mouses.

HI Cody, thanks for the followup. I’m all sorted now. It might have been an issue with my mouse and the workspace. Thanks for the prompt response.

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