Workspace Troubleshooting - Pan, Pen, Notecards and Textbox

Is anyone else having issues today with panning in a workspace? I’m using a Mac with an Apple mouse. I’ve tested this in both Chrome and Safari. I’m having other issues too. The pen isn’t working either. When I try to add a notecard or text box, its attached to a grid line but it won’t let me drop the object into the workspace.

Hi @Linda_Campbell1 - thanks for sharing!

I have the same setup as you (Mac and an Apple mouse). I’ve tested on Chrome and Safari and can confirm my workspace is panning as intended. Can you clarify exactly what panning issues you’re running into? Are you unable to toggle between select and pan?

What issues are you experiencing with the pen tool? Are your strokes not being recognized in the workspace when you hold down your mouse to draw?

Do you have a screenshot to show us what the object attached to a grid line looks like?

Once we have a little bit more information about the workspace issues you’re running into we will make the appropriate teams aware. Thanks!

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