Feedback on Cursors, Comments and Editing Images in Workspace

Good afternoon, Bluescape Team!

A quick round of feedback today of trial users at our new customer site:

  1. When viewing the “Comments pane,” several users wanted to know if there is a way to actually see the comments in this view instead of having to click on every one of them? Right now, if someone leaves a comment on a notecard, the Comments pane just shows the element, such as “Shape,” and “Notecard,” and not the comment.
  1. Any way to select the color of the user “Dot” or cursor that represents that user? Some people are not in love with the automatic color assignment.

  2. And continuing with colors… users keep asking if there will be any more choices on the “change background color.” idk.

  3. Screenshot, crop, rotate, highlight, invert colors, etc. - Users seem to want some very basic image editing capabilities built in.

  4. There seems to be some rule about when the Comments button shows up in the small context menu vs. not. Seems many users that clicking on the ellipses button when they dont see the comment option, but are expecting to, is not particularly intuitive (e.g., The comment button is not visible when clicking on a notecard, and must require another click to show it under the ellipses button.)

That’s all for now. Thanks!