Feedback on Workspace Tools & Presentation Views

Good afternoon Bluescape Team! It’s been a great week this week - users are really liking the newer features of the product. Many of them are seeing ways that this can help them on a daily basis.

Here is some feedback that multiple users have commented on recently:

Lines -

  1. Users would like to arrange Z-Order in lines (move forward, backward). This can make drawing grids messy.
  2. Sometimes the “connector” option is too aggressive, and tries to connect lines to whatever is closest even if that is not what the user wants. Any way to toggle this on/off?

Text/Shapes -

  1. Collaborators would like to add border options to text boxes (same options as shapes) This is helpful for creating templates where you want collaborators to type something in a box… but not have a different color box.
    1a. Similarly, users asked if the border options on shapes and text boxes could have similar options that the lines have… such as dotted, thickness, etc.
  2. Many users have mentioned that the margin/padding on the text boxes is too large, and overlaps other elements too easily. Is there a way to reduce it or make it adjustable?

Presenting -

  1. Presenters would really like the ability to toggle to “hide” (make invisible) the toolbox/title and other toolbars for presentations on the browser client - to place more emphasis on the content of the presentation or collab, and not clutter the screen when they are not needed. Adobe products use the “tab” key to toggle these toolbars on and off, so something similar would be welcome.

Anyway - thank you for listening. If you would like any more detail on the above, please let me know!


Hey Nate,

Thanks for all the feedback. Don’t hesitate to share the daily use cases with other Bluescapers. :sunglasses: A few answers to your list above.

This feature cannot be toggled on/off. We will make sure this feedback is shared with out development team.

While this is not adjustable, we are always looking at ways to improve this. Are you able to provide an example for ‘overlapping other elements?’