Suggesting improvements to presenting content capabilities

Good morning, Bluescape Team.

We’ve been heads down in a pilot launch and we’ve had a few feedback items come up multiple times. I thought that this would be a good place to list them for your awareness:

  1. Presentation is important, and many are asking for a smoother presentation workflow. While using canvases gives users a nice control over the workspace, for presentations, there isn’t a “one click” simple way to go from canvas-to-canvas at full screen. Users have suggested a PgUP/PgDn keyboard command that jumps between canvases, in an expected order, similar to jumping between slides.
  2. Users want Videos to be able to play in presentation mode. Currently, they do not.
  3. Canvas presentations seem to remember where the last “object/slide” that was presented. This is great when you need to jump out/jump in, but users didn’t find a way to “reset” and start at the beginning of the first object again. Any way there’s some control to reset and begin at the beginning of the canvas presentation again?
  4. Users have noticed that the “smart grid” doesn’t seem to “hold” text… only images. Can this be added as a feature? It would help with presentation layout.
  5. I know that the ‘Trails’ feature is coming soon (hopefully very soon!) - will this allow people to set their own presentation order and click between them? Or is it only an automatic ‘loop’? The default load/presentation order was confusing for users.
  6. Almost every user/presenter is asking for the ability to jump from one object to the next, similar to a bookmark or in-workspace hyperlink. This allows for much more flexibility when designing the overall layout of the workspace and its presentation. Hopefully this will be introduced as a feature soon.

Thank you for being receptive to this feedback!



Update to #4: Users have asked that the smart grid be able to hold documents, text, etc. It is a bit confusing to users why the smart grid holds one object type, but not another. So far it seems to only hold picture images? Any information on this feature (what it can do/can’t do) would be helpful!

Thanks again for all your help!

There’s definitely some improvements that can be made with how presentations work on Bluescape.

With in-workspace hyperlinking, what is the ideal use case? Are you looking to link multiple canvas in a sequence or would you link other user defined content (such as notecards and text)?

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Hi Vivek. Thank you for reaching out.

Both functions really, although I see them best as two different features that complement each other.

The ideal use case, for “in-workspace hyperlinking” is non-structured, or non-liner, or unplanned exploration/ presentation of workspace content. This feather would give Bluescape the incredible ability to build out entire workspace “sites” via canvases and navigate as a designer (owner) has intended, or suggested, but not necessarily in a predetermined path. This is a VERY powerful navigation capability for discussing large, complex subject matterial and large collaboration topics. Ideally, one object (or canvas) can “hyperlink” to any other defined object within the workspace. It should be a single on-click function (such as a hyperlink) , once set up. Or, if that is too UI prohibitive, then perhaps a special label/icon that can be attached to the “linked object.” Lots of ways to go here, but well worth figuring it out. If you want more ideas, let me know.

Linking multiple canvases in a sequence is also a SUPER important ask, although my understanding is the “Trails” feature was going to handle this. This “Canvas Tour” capability would be more for the pre-defined, formal presentations of the workspace content, or even dynamic digital signage, where the in-workspace hyperlink noted above is more for informal, unplanned navigation.

IMO, all Bluescape users would benefit greatly from both of these functions.

Hope this helps, please let me know if you would like more details or ideas on implementation.

Nate @ bcore

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Request to “Present” a single object.

Users are requested to be able to “present” an object (have the option in the context menu) as a single object. Since the “double click” to zoom in was removed, there is no easy option to present a singly selected object. Note: you can “group select” a single object, and then the “Present” option is available, but that is an extra, unintuitive step.

Thanks again!