April 2023 Release Notes Summary

Support Note
Some features included in this release may not apply to your team/organization. If you’re unsure whether your team/organization has a certain feature, please reach out to your IT department.
These changes are scheduled to go live on Thursday, April 13 after 9 pm PST for impacted organizations.

Welcome, welcome to the most exciting time of this month! :tada: :balloon: :partying_face:

No, we’re not talking about tax season; we’re talking about the latest release of Bluescape. This April, we continue to evolve the world of collaboration with some significant improvements and features sure to put a smile on your face.

Let’s dive into the details, shall we?


Auto-pan workspace while moving an object


We’re excited to release this much-requested update. Previously, when moving an object on the workspace, you would move it as far as possible, and then re-adjust the screen to continue placing. In this update, when you move an object, the screen auto-pans, allowing for greater ease of use when organizing your workspace.

Popsync similar image search

Popsync Similar Image Search Demo

Starting with this month’s update, when you select a Popsync image, you can choose :image_similar: (Show similar images) and specify which external library (such as Google Images, among others) to search. Use this new Popsync feature to expand the number of sources available for image comparison for greater flexibility when finding the perfect match for your creative projects.


Team subscription is now “Pro”

This month, we’ve updated the name of our Team subscription tier to Pro. Team members are automatically updated to Pro members, and all of the same features are present - Bluescape continues to function as before.

Learn More: Bluescape Pricing

Hide and reveal canvas content

Show/hide canvas content
Bluescape has just released a new feature to enhance your presentation experience - the Hide/Reveal Canvas Content feature. These latest additions grant workspace owners and the new Workspace Facilitator role the ability to hide canvas content, greying it out to create a more compelling presentation experience. With the canvas content hidden, put your best foot forward and present without your audience peeking ahead in the presentation.

Note: This feature is not :no_entry_sign: intended for security purposes but for presentation and facilitation purposes only.

Learn More: Hiding and Revealing a Canvas

Bluescape Community Update

The community sidebar and homepage have been updated to simplify navigation and help you find content faster. The sidebar provides quick access to top categories and content you’ve interacted with, while the new homepage displays recent content popular amongst all community visitors.

For category-based navigation from any topic page, select Categories from the sidebar. You can also jump around the home tabs (such as Categories and Latest) from the top navigation menu.

End of Support for Linux-based walls

Bluescape users running Linux OS, be aware that due to the depreciation of Ubuntu 16.04, Bluescape walls running Linux OS can no longer be updated. We recommend upgrading to a supported operating system to ensure continued use of our platform.

Learn More: Decommissioning Linux-based walls

Notable Bug Fixes, External Beta, & Improvements

Click and drag the title to move the canvas

Users can now select and drag a canvas title to move the entire canvas around the workspace.

Duplicate notecard update

This update, when you add a new notecard using the duplicate notecard function, the new notecard generates with the default font and size.

Cursor consistency

In earlier versions of Bluescape, when an object was selected in your workspace, the cursor always appeared as the pan tool. With this update, when you choose the pan tool and select an object in the workspace, the cursor changes to better represent your actions. This means that the cursor now reflects your selection; for example, when you pan, the cursor reflects the panning action, and when you select, the cursor reflects the selector arrow.

Select and drag retains your default settings

Connector line

Starting from the April release, selecting and dragging a connector line adheres to your default settings for straight or curved connector lines. This means that if, for instance, you add a shape and use the blue dot to duplicate it, and then drag the object, the curved line remains selected. This improvement also applies to the connector line (color, thickness, dashes, etc.).

Beta - Using a large screen touch display with Bluescape

Bluescape is excited to announce a new beta application to support large touchscreen displays. With the new Bluescape for large displays application, users can now enjoy the same user-friendly interface, streamlined workflows, and powerful collaborative tools regardless of their device size. This External Beta application is now available for testing, and we encourage all interested parties to contact your support team for more information.

:bug: Bug Fix: Manually adjust text color on notecards

Previously, when creating a notecard, the default text color was inconsistent, causing the text to be challenging to read. In this release, the text color is now consistent and legible based on the color of the notecard you select.

Learn More: Default Text Color is Inconsistent on Notecards

:bug: Bug Fix: Consistent image placement when cropping, rotating, and resizing

Previously, when you cropped an image and then rotated and resized that image, the image would shift in the workspace without you repositioning it. This unintended behavior is resolved.

Learn More: Image Shifts in the Workspace when Cropping, Rotating, and Resizing

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