April 2023 API Release Notes

Support Note
Release 23.04.01
Learn More: April 2023 Release Notes Summary

New API Changes

  1. Added workspace element rotation APIs with transform.rotateZ, transform.origin.anchor and transform.point
  2. Added canvas.isContentHidden property on canvas element to allow Bluescape clients to show/hide content in a workspace canvas

v3 Known Issues


  • PATCH for Browser: after modifying height/width, the preview image does not scale or changes (WEBC-10223)
  • Getting status code 200 OK while updating elements with type only and no actual changes (ELE-677).
  • element rotation/cropping APIs are now allowed in our clients without API support (coming in future release)

GraphQL APIs

  • Workspace collaborator ordering causes error (AD-15554)
  • Stroke scale does not account for stroke brushWidth (ELE-622)
  • totalItems field returns null when passed as part of a fragment (AD-11423)
  • GraphQL gateway returns error code 500 for other backend errors, such as 401, 403, 404, it is necessary to examine error message in detail to get correct error (AD-11474)

Where to Next?

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