May 2023 Release Notes Summary

Support Note
Some features included in this release may not apply to your team/organization. If you’re unsure whether your team/organization has a certain feature, please reach out to your IT department.
These changes are scheduled to go live on Thursday, May 11 after 9 pm PST for impacted organizations.

Happy May! As the flowers continue to bloom :hibiscus: and the sun begins to shine a little brighter :sun_behind_small_cloud: each day, we welcome the month of May with open arms. :hugs: May is a month of new beginnings, growth, and change - a time to refresh and renew your goals and aspirations. Speaking of growth, we are excited to announce the May 2023 Release of Bluescape, which are sure to be a game-changer for your productivity and collaboration needs. Let’s dive in and see what’s in store.


Leader-Follower Enhancements

We’re excited to announce improvements to how Bluescape users interact with the Leader-Follower features when meeting in Bluescape.

This month, you’ll find clearer, color-coded Lead/Follow indicators and an auto-follow delay with a countdown. Check out these exciting new enhancements in your next meeting.

Learn More: Collaborating in Bluescape

Go to nearest content button

Do you ever find yourself lost in a sea of blank workspace on your screen? No worries; we’ve got you covered with our new feature: a Go to nearest content button that appears when you need to get back to your work quickly. Simply select the button, and you’ll be right back to your work. Easy peasy.

Learn More: Bluescape Workspace Navigation Guide

Present a single object

Present a single object demo

We received feedback from our customers asking for the ability to showcase a single object easily. So we added a new feature that allows you to do just that. If you would like to showcase a single object from your workspace, all you need to do is select the object, select :more_options: (or open the right-select menu), and select the Present button.

Learn More: Presenting Content through Bluescape

Separation of the Line tool from the Shape tool

Line tool from the Toolbar
We’ve taken note of your feedback and made enhancements. We have separated the :line: (Line) tool from the :shapes: (Shapes) tool and placed it in the workspace toolbar for easier access. Additionally, the :line: tool now remembers your preferred user settings, such as endpoints, color, size, and more, from the toolbar. This improvement ensures a consistent experience when adding new lines and connectors.

Learn More: Workspace Toolbar

Notable Improvements, Bug Fixes, & Beta

Accelerated rendering

We understand that large and content-heavy workspaces are crucial but often result in slower performance. Your experience matters to us, which is why we have implemented an accelerated rendering system this month to significantly improve panning and zooming even on the busiest workspaces. While performance optimization is an ongoing effort, we are committed to keeping you updated on our progress. Our continuous improvements will make it increasingly easy to navigate the most fully loaded workspaces in the near future.

Delayed email verification for new users

We’ve made it even easier to try out Bluescape. Simply provide some basic details and get started exploring Bluescape right away. You can complete your email verification when you decide to come back for a second visit or when you need to use certain features in the workspace. It’s as simple as that!

Learn More: Bluescape Subscription FAQ

Undo/Redo and pan back to the last update

When you undo or redo a change, you’ll automatically be taken back to the location of the last change you made. This makes editing your work even more efficient and seamless.

Learn More: Undo and Redo an Action (Web)

Bluescape for FireOS

We’re pleased to announce that the Bluescape Mobile App for FireOS is now available for download in the Amazon Appstore.

Learn More: Bluescape Mobile Overview

Consistent drag to select behavior

Alt + Click + Drag to Select
Design professionals may be interested to hear how our marquee tool functionality has changed. Consistent with many design tools, the behavior of click-drag to select objects differed depending on which way you dragged to move your cursor.

To improve the universal understanding, all click-drag movements using :select: (Select) now selects an object where any part of it encounters your selection field. The alternate behavior - where an object is selected only when your selection field encompasses the entire object - can be completed with a simple shortcut: press and hold the Alt key on your keyboard, then click+drag a bounding box around the desired selection.

Learn More: Workspace Toolbar

Resize a canvas easily

Resize a Canvas That's Not Selected
You no longer have to click the border of a canvas to activate it before resizing. Once you see an outline as you hover over the canvas border, you can click+drag it from the sides or corners to resize any canvas in one easy step.

Learn More: How to Resize a Canvas

Laser pointer default when attending a presentation

To improve your Bluescape experience, :laser_pointer: (Laser pointer) is now set as default and is more easily accessible during presentations. We hope this update makes your collaborative work on Bluescape even more engaging and productive.

Learn More: Presenting Content through Bluescape

30-minute timeout for multi-object selection

When a user had multiple objects selected in a workspace, collaborators could not access those objects as long as that selection remained. Now, if a member selects and object and no action is taken on those objects, the selection releases after 30 minutes.

Learn More: Group Selecting Assets (Web)

Improved selection for quick connect and object resize

We’ve refined how users access the quick connect and object resize functions to provide an improved experience with less probability of accidentally adding a connector or resizing the object.

Learn More: Adding Shapes, Lines, and Arrows to a Workspace

:bug: Bug Fix: Panning the workspace while resizing an object

We fixed an issue where the workspace would become unresponsive while trying to select objects and resize them using a trackpad. Previously, when you used two fingers to pan the workspace while resizing an object, the screen would freeze up and you wouldn’t be able to select other objects. But now, with the latest Bluescape release, you won’t face this issue anymore!

:bug: Bug Fix: Multi-duplication of grouped objects when using the Duplicate function

In previous versions of Bluescape, after adding several shapes in the workspace to create a single object and then using CTRL+D (CMD+D using MacOS) multiple times to duplicate the object, intermittently, your objects would stop duplicating. We’ve resolved this issue with the May release.

:bug: Bug Fix: Guidelines now disappear attaching multiple objects to a parent object

An issue where guidelines would not disappear while attaching multiple child objects to a parent object has been fixed. Previously, the guideline would appear while you dragged your selection to the parent object, but the guideline would not disappear when you place the object. This is resolved for this release.

Beta: Administrative settings now in Bluescape Home

In May, Bluescape is conducting a beta for select Enterprise customers, allowing those users to access administrative functionality directly from Bluescape Home. This new functionality aims to enhance ease of use for users by providing access to User settings, Team settings, and Workspace settings directly from Bluescape Home.

Users participating in the beta are encouraged to provide feedback to help improve the platform. However, it should be noted that not all customers have access to the beta.

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