Bluescape for Government | August 2023 Release Notes

Support Note
This topic may not be relevant to all Bluescape users and may not apply to all Organizations. If you’re unsure whether your Organization is using the Bluescape for Government release, reach out to your IT department.
These changes are scheduled to go live on Thursday August 31 at 3 pm PT for impacted organizations.


Ask to edit

Ask to edit

Users with viewing or commenting permission in a workspace can request edit access, making it simpler for the workspace owners and collaborators to manage workspace permissions.

Learn More: Asking to Edit Workspace Content

Workspace activity feed

Activity Feed Demo

The Activity feed displays a list of activities categorized by date. Quickly review what content has been added, modified, or deleted since your last visit. Filters let you locate specific data by date range, persons, and content type. Select the content you’re curious about, and the workspace will bring it into focus.

Learn More: Workspace Activity Feed

Command line interface

The Command Line Interface (CLI) replaces the Bluescape Config Center and allows instance admins to use a terminal to make configuration changes to their instances and teams.

Many administrative features for managing teams are now available in Bluescape Home; settings that are restricted to instance admins are only configurable using the CLI.

Learn More: CLI Administrator Guide.

Note: This topic is located in a private category. If you require access, reach out to Bluescape Support or your CSM for assistance.

Multiple screen share support in workspaces

Multiple active video streams

Play videos in a single workspace simultaneously for improved side-by-side comparisons, situation assessment, or multi-tasking with large groups.

Learn More: Adding Live Video Content to a Workspace

Leader-Follower enhancements

We’re excited to announce improvements to how Bluescape users interact with the Leader-Follower features when meeting in Bluescape.

In this release, you’ll find clearer, color-coded Lead/Follow indicators and an auto-follow delay with a countdown. Check out these exciting new enhancements in your next meeting.

Learn More: Collaborating in Bluescape

Hide toolbars

This new feature allows users to toggle on or off the workspace toolbars to create a clutter-free interface and focused environment while working or presenting. Optionally, users can also select Ctrl+\ (Windows), or Command+\ (Mac) to turn the toolbars on and off.

Learn More: Workspace Settings and Details

Enhanced Icon library

The Icon Library now has more options and easier access

The Icon library updates provide improved navigation of the icon categories available and allow users to add them to the :shapes: (Shapes) menu for easy access. Users can also search through an extensive selection of icons and include them in the Recently used section of the Shapes menu.

Learn More: Using the Workspace Icon Library

Notable improvements

Workspace zoom and default font

We’ve enhanced the default zoom level in your workspace, setting it to 100% instead of the previous 25%. This change provides users with a more comfortable viewing experience. Additionally, we’ve updated the default font size for Shapes and Notecards to 12pt, allowing for smooth copying and pasting of content into other applications such as Microsoft Word.

Canvas placement in the workspace

We’ve made it easier for you to accurately place a canvas in the workspace, even if it’s larger than your current screen view. Previously, this could be challenging as you could not get a full view of your placement within the workspace. Now, when you place a canvas larger than your screen, you automatically zoom out, giving you a larger preview of the workspace.

Pin strokes and lines :pin:

To ensure your drawings and diagrams stay in place, you can pin pen strokes and lines in the workspace.

Learn more: Moving and Pinning Strokes and Adding Lines, Line Connectors, and Modifying Line Routing

Text highlighter improvements

Highlighting text is now simpler. Instead of needing to select the color each time you want to highlight text, selecting :highlight_color: (Highlight) will immediately highlight the selected text.

Learn more: Adding Text to a Workspace

Copy & paste images from Bluescape to other apps

With a simple CTRL + V and CTRL + C (Cmd for Mac), you can now copy images from a workspace and paste them into other applications like Microsoft Word and Powerpoint.

Learn more: Copy and Paste Images from a Workspace to Other Applications

Canvas title box

Canvases were updated to no longer require a title. With this release, canvases now have a title box that appears when hovering your cursor over the area, regardless of whether the canvas has a title. This makes it easier for you to add and edit canvas titles.

Color selector updates

Color selector demo

The ability to change the color of an object in the workspace is now available in a single color menu both when you have the object selected and in edit mode.

Object toolbar visibility

Previously, the control bar for objects may have disappeared when zooming in on them. With this improvement, the control bar remains visible regardless of the zoom level, providing users consistent access to object controls.

Known Issues

Browser refresh required to access latest version

When your upgrade is completed, you must clear your cache to access the latest version of Bluescape. Bluescape recommends that you inform all users to refresh their browsers to ensure they are also accessing the latest version. Stale sessions display the previous version, as they do not auto-update when the new version is deployed. Opening Bluescape in a new tab also ensures the latest version is accessible.

To perform a hard refresh, follow the instructions below for your chosen browser:

  • Chrome: On PC use Ctrl + F5, on Mac use Shift + Command + R
  • Firefox: On PC use Ctrl + F5, on Mac use Shift + Command + R
  • Edge: Use Ctrl + F5
  • Safari: Use Command + Option + E to empty the cache, then hold Shift and click the Reload icon in the toolbar

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