Bluescape for Government | Q1 Release Notes for 2023

Support Note
This topic may not be relevant to all Bluescape users and may not apply to all Organizations. If you’re unsure whether your Organization is using the Bluescape for Government release, reach out to your IT department.

The 2023 Q1 Bluescape for Government Release is here, and we have some great features and improvements to share. Take a look and let us know what you think!


Bluescape Home

This release brings a refresh to the Bluescape Home page, adding ease of use to how you create, share, and manage your Bluescape experience.



  • Global Workspace Search (all workspaces in all teams to which you have access)
  • Search auto-populates with most recently visited workspaces
  • Frequently visited workspaces move to the top of the search
  • If more than five workspaces match your query, you can view all matches on the search results page

Learn More: Overview of Bluescape Home

Text Consistency for Shapes

Bluescape now provides greater text consistency in Shapes to match that of other objects:

  • Font size
  • Font family
  • Background colors
  • Highlight colors
  • Indenting and bullets
  • Persistent text overflow icon

Highlight colors:

Persistent text overflow icon:

Learn more: Workspace Toolbar - Text

Object Rotation :wheel:

Bluescape users can now rotate objects (Strokes, Shapes, Notecards, and a full 360 degrees within a workspace (see Support Note).

Object Rotation Demo

Learn More: Rotating an Object in a Workspace

Image Curation :framed_picture:

Image curation is now available in Bluescape. This allows you to create and manage your curated image collections, allowing you to save and share your workspace with anyone. All users can add an unlimited number of images to their collection.

Image Curation Demo

Learn more: Using Image Curation in Bluescape

Pre-Provisioning Users

Enterprise Customers who block external emails for security purposes can now connect users to Bluescape with a pre-provisioned password that can be configured and re-generated by the Bluescape Organizational Administrator. Bluescape also now supports individual or CSV provisioning.

Note: This feature is limited to Enterprise customers only. Pre-provisioning must be enabled by Bluescape Support. Contact us by replying on-thread to this topic for further assistance.
New Member Dialog

Export Voted Content

We’ve enhanced the ability for Workspace owners and editors to export their voted content for easy data gathering. Previously, users could only download text. In December, we added more metadata and aggregated reaction count to your CSV or ZIP format file export.

Learn More: Adding Reactions to Workspace Content - Exporting Reactions to CSV Format

Notable Improvements

Accessibility Improvements

This release brings an update for those using assistive technology to navigate Bluescape. Users can now:

  • Use their keyboard and screen reader
  • Add alt-text to content within the workspace
  • Access, select, move, add, and edit content in the workspace
  • Enable high-contrast mode

    Shortcuts appear at the top of the page when pressing the Tab key

Learn more: Bluescape Accessibility Statement

Workspace Sharing Enhancement

You can now share a workspace with another user with a one-click share to enter the invitee’s email address. Add multiple email addresses at once in the same box using Copy > Paste. Users can continue to use the CSV upload option if desired.
One-Click Share to Email

Learn More: Sharing Your Workspace with Another User (Web)

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