Adding Reactions to Workspace Content and Exporting Metadata ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Adding Reactions

You can add reactions to content in the workspace, allowing for easy and fun participation and feedback. Reactions are similar to emojis and provide simple symbols to express your response to a workspace asset. :fire: :+1:

Note: You can not add reactions to textboxes, canvases, or browsers.

To add a reaction:

  1. Select the desired workspace asset. A blue boundary box surrounds it, and a toolbar of options displays.

  2. Select :reactions: Reactions in the toolbar.

  3. A menu of available reactions will display. Select one.

  4. The reaction emoji you select displays on the workspace asset you selected, just like the heart emoji in this example (below).

Your reactions will display with a blue background (pictured above), while the reactions of others have a black background. You can show multiple reactions on a single asset.

To remove a reaction, click the emoji on the asset, or click :reactions: Reactions in the asset toolbar again.

Hiding Reactions

You can disable reactions in a workspace, which hides them from view and is useful when giving a presentation.
Note: Reactions are disabled at the member level, meaning they will be hidden for you but not other collaborators in the workspace.

To hide reactions:

  1. Click the :more_options: Workspace settings at the top left of the workspace.

  2. A context menu opens. Hover over the View settings option.

  3. Another context menu opens. Click the Show reactions option to move the toggle to the grey โ€œoffโ€ position.

    Reactions are now hidden from the workspace for you, including existing reactions.

    Note: You can still add new reactions, but they will not be visible until the Show reactions setting is enabled again.

Exporting Reactions to CSV format

Bluescape can also be used as a simple voting system. Create options in objects and have your collaborators use the available reactions to vote for their favorite option.
Note: This feature is available only to those with Owner or Editor workspace permissions.

To export the voting data to CSV format:

  1. Select the canvas with the reactions.
  2. On the menu bar, select :more_options: (More options).
  3. Select Export > CSV.
  4. A CSV file downloads.
  5. Open the file in Microsoft Excel to see your data.

    Export reactions as a CSV file

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