4 Workspaces Every New Bluescaper Needs


Now that you’ve created your Bluescape account, you’re ready to use the power of the limitless workspace to go from visualizing your goals to achieving them!

Workspaces give you the flexibility to organize all your ideas and files quickly to make decisions across major phases of your ideation or planning. At the start, you’ll get to know the workspace toolbar as you add a variety of content in each workspace. Workspaces are uniquely visual so you can unleash your creativity.

Here are 4 workspaces that every new Bluescaper can benefit from when starting out:

The Sandbox

Screenshot 2023-04-10 at 11.59.48 AM
The closest thing to playtime while being on the clock.

  • Play around with shapes and line connectors to create a quick mind map.

  • Drop in a template; try the calendar or mood board to get the ball rolling.

  • Draw with the pen feature to doodle out your big ideas.

The Sandbox workspace gives you the freedom to experiment and learn all the great features available at your fingertips!

Be playfully carefree here because this workspace can be as messy as it needs to be. It’s a judgment free zone. And, as you continue to build and play, you’ll also learn that unlike sandcastles, you can always get back into the persistent workspace and see all your creations.

The Inspiration Board

Inspiration Board
Organize your thoughts and find inspiration in a limitless workspace.

  • Search every major image service at once to create an inspiration board in seconds.

  • Create killer collections of travel, interior design, or whatever inspires you!

  • Bring in videos from the web or your desktop to create an action-packed space.

The Inspiration Board workspace is the place to curate all your awe-inspiring photo collections and assets you want to revisit again and again to get reinvigorated – after all, isn’t that how we all feel after a few minutes soaking in those things that inspire us?!

Upload images and videos, then pin your assets to keep them in an exact spot of your canvas. No more boring scrolling to get to a particular inspiration image. Instead, enjoy the bird’s eye view of your entire, dynamic collage like never before!

The Project Plan

Project Plan
You’ll never have to say “back to the drawing board” again.

  • Gather ideas with notecards and cluster them with diagramming tools.

  • Map out a plan with templates and flow charts.

  • Upload references and in-progress assets for a birds-eye view of the entire project.

The Project Plan workspace allows you to keep each phase of your project in a single place! No need to dig through emails and folders or other tools to find important files and developments. Collaborate seamlessly to get your major project out the door in record time.

You’ll have everything you need to compare side by side to make the best decisions. Share with others to incorporate feedback and make your final product top notch!

The Idea Greenhouse

Idea Greenhouse
You don’t need a green thumb to grow big ideas.

  • Nurture ideas with a little help from your friends by inviting them to your workspace.

  • Capture feedback and new points of view with notes and emoji reactions.

  • Visualize any idea; start small and watch it grow in all directions!

Have a couple of great ideas that you need more time to nurture along? Don’t let your ideas slip away into the wind. It’s time to plant a couple fledgling ideas in a workspace.

Use the Idea Greenhouse workspace to build off your original spark of inspiration. Continue to capture thoughts as you go, pin images, or drop websites that will help shape your idea into something spectacular!

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